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Yaoi Family Tree

  1. OtakuGoCrazy
    This is where Im going to post where the members of the family tree's you guys are in
  2. OtakuGoCrazy
    Sonara Clan
    Father: atemisk

    OtakuGoCrazy's Family
    Elder sister:
    Elder brother:
    Older sister:
    older brother:
    Younger sister: OtakugoCrazy
    *If you want you can ask me to add another member in the family or ask the head families that you are in to let you add another member in
  3. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
    Can I be the older brother ? :3 though I'm a girl xD
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    i wanna be mother!!
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