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How is ur life?

  1. Fei inazuma 11
    Fei inazuma 11
    I'm feeling shy... My stepmom adopted an 11 year-old boy, and I dunno how to act around him...
  2. Yuuzuki
    I can imagine that's quite a difficult thing to deal with but why don't you try to get a little bit closer to him. It must be akward for him too
  3. Cielbk
    Hmm i suggest u to go and have little talk with him and try to figure out how the two of u r goin to live together, im sure that even if his an 11 year old he've been through quite a lot and it wouldn't hurt if he will have a stable family from now on don't u think?, and the min u'll talk to him u will understand how to act more naturally around him
  4. Fei inazuma 11
    Fei inazuma 11
    Thanks, stepmom adopted another guy... And the 6- including Kyouya- are quite close
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