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  1. Sulkin
    Hello everyone! Here you can get to know your family- and pets- better! You can call me Sulkin- or any nickname you come up with! I'm 17, I like animals a lot, and indie music is my favourite! Hope you're having an awesome Holiday vacation hehe~
  2. Nekogami
    Hey there, you can call me either Neko or Gami, or any nickname you see fit. I'm 21 and a pretty laidback person.
  3. Sulkin
    Nice to meet you! I'm pretty laid back too~ Although I can have quite a temper when I'm mad o3o
  4. Yuuzuki
    yo everyone sorry I took me so long to finally introduce myself but aperantly you can't post in groups until you have been a member for a week. The name yuuzuki, I love animals. I'm 16 years old my hobbies are reading, writing, gaming and playing chess. And I'm looking forward to meet you all.
  5. Fei inazuma 11
    Fei inazuma 11
    Ok, I'm Fei Hasegawa, just call me Fei-kun or Fei-chi. I'm 10, and I love anime, probably Otaku... Or Obsessed? Most of you know me, So yeah.
  6. eano
    hey everyone!!!
    u can call me birdy or anything else u wanted to call me. I'm 12 & I'm looking forward to meet u all.
  7. Fei inazuma 11
    Fei inazuma 11
    Why isn't eano added to the family tree in the description?
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