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What is your favorite Zombie Canon?

  1. Tetsanosuke
    As a personal Zombie Survival Enthusiast (Shh), it has come to my attention by the antics of some folks in the chatroom that a group for Zombie 'musers' like me should be born!

    My favorite zombie canon is that of "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks. Read that book about 7 times. I'll get to my eighth soon enough I'm sure. =o
  2. Kumoness
    Love the Zombie Survival Guide. I found a flash card version at the bookstore, but decided not to buy. It was expensive.
    Still need to read the novel version of I Am Legend but does it really count as a zombie story? I mean, it's like they combined vampires and zombies into one freak-meat creature to make..well, a freak-meat creature.
    I guess I'd consider the Nazi Zombies minigame to be my favorite zombie canon. I wish they'd make more of it. Hell, they could probably make it a standalone game rather than just a branch feature of Call of Duty
  3. Kaitou Ace
    Kaitou Ace
    Really enjoying (re)reading World War Z right now. It's by the same guy who wrote the survival guide, dealing with a world zombie outbreak, written as a series of interviews with the survivors.
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