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Introduction post {first post mandatory}

  1. ghoulkitten
    Hey guy's i'm Samantha and this post i want you to tell a little bit about yourself.

    Reason for joining the group:
    Fun fact:

    you can add more if you want

    ^.^ enjoy
  2. Nodoka LaMei
    Nodoka LaMei
    Name: Amber
    Age: ??
    Location: Oskaloosa, IA
    Reason for joining: I love music so much
    Fun fact: I can find out just about anything about an upcoming movie, TV show, video game, etc.
  3. ghoulkitten
    ~Name: Samantha
    ~Age: 13
    ~Location: New york
    ~Reason for creating the group: I wanted to create a place were people can express there passion for music and create a place were members can bond.
    ~Fun fact: I like to collect old manga books.
  4. aether
    Name: Aether
    Age: 22
    Location: England
    Reason for joining the group: invitation sent to me
    Fun fact: I have a strange tongue lol
  5. Happyblossom
    Name: Maisha
    Age: gonna be 14 on Oct 17th
    Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Reason for joining: Lovee music
    Fun fact: I'm half Japanese and half Bangladeshi... is that funny?
  6. Disconnected Outsider
    Disconnected Outsider
    Name: Mat
    Age: 26
    Location: Colorado, USA
    Reason for joining: I live and breathe music.
    Fun fact: I suck at math. lol
  7. Reshad
    Age:11 gonna be 12 on january
    Reason for joining:music=life
    Fun fact: i dunno but maybe...i like reading mangas but hate reading novels
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