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Lightning-speed Wolf Games.

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  1. Hanamaru Kunikida
    Hanamaru Kunikida
    @Toko Littner

    I'm direct this to Deathblade. Otherwise, feel free to mention anyone who might be down. Anyway, let me explain things.

    A few suggested, as well as myself that we should have some Wolf games that are fast-paced...meaning will last 30mins to 3 hrs probably, so we would have to dedicate free one day that everyone can be on at the same time, with no interruptions.

    Both Day phase and night phase will last 20 mins or at least until the majority of votes reaches and for night phase, as soon as all actions are sent within 20 mins and move on really quick into end game.

    Only problem is if we're down for this, when can be schedule this.

    Can this be possible in this forum? Discuss.

    Another thing, the game will be Vanilla to test things....MEANING


    and if 12 players sign up then we get a Serial killer.
  2. Ωmega
    Im game for a quick Saturday/Sunday game
  3. Qoco
    Moving my previous post here for easy view.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrus
    School is over for the summer and I do nothing most of the time, so I guess I can join a quick wolf game depending on when exactly. Tomorrow I am busy, a cousin of mine is training for the Marines and he asked me to go with him to the training; though I doubt a game will be planned from today to tomorrow. Besides tomorrow, in June around the 9th I am gone for two weeks on a trip because a close cousin of mine graduates from high school, and he lives pretty far. I have nothing else in my agenda for the summer, besides the usual every day things. Just tell me when and I can try to accommodate my every day schedule.
  4. ZombieWolf2508
    I already told you I have no life, Kai. Any time works for me so long as I have notice.

    But yeah, we need to get this going.
  5. DeathBlade/13.666
    Depends on the scheduling for me. So long as it's on an off day, I've go no problem.
  6. Anime Forum
    Anime Forum
    Sounds fun.
  7. CrimsonMoon
    I'm game on weekends.
  8. DenjaX
    Not sure about if this works out. I think it's best to have this method on a chat instead of a thread. xDD We would need a very participating host for not to miss anything. xDD

    It will be chaotic because of many conversations in short amount of time and refresh button will be abused. xDD
  9. RyuTama
    My work scheduling is fairly chaotic, but this upcoming week/weekend is pretty lowkey so far. As long as it doesn't fall on the 2nd or 3rd, I'd most likely be able to participate.
  10. Arrisu
    Sounds fun.
    I'm mostly free on weekends and weekday evenings.
    So as long as I'm told in advanced I would totally play!
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