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The New Hosting Wolf

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  1. Todoroki
    I think after the long hiatus and long disorganization of the game being inactive and listed games not happening, it's best to start over.

    So if you wish to host, this is the new thread that should be used.
  2. ZombieWolf2508
    Here to reserve a spot for a South Park game (provided the game recovers well enough). Just a note, this game will probably be pretty far off as a sufficient number of players will beneeded first.
  3. Anime Forum
    Anime Forum
    I'd like to reserve Wolf 41 (if possible). WWE edition.
  4. DeathBlade/13.666
    I'd like to host a game as well, but may need a co-host due to work. I'm going with a Reversed Theme. Essentially Mafia has to find the "Undercover Cop" Townies.
  5. RyuTama
    Death's game sounds like it'd be fun. It could lead to a lot of different themes for it~.

    I'd like to host another game, but work is really weird right now, so I'm not sure when I'd have a free week to host it. Theme would be Attack on Titan.
  6. Todoroki
    Reverse is pretty popular too. I mean it\s essentially the same thing but the idea that it's reverse is cool.
  7. Ominous Flare
    Ominous Flare
    I'd like to reserve a spot if possible. It will have anime characters of any series (as opposed to being restricted to a single series/genre).

    Couple of years back, I was still hanging out in the Comic Book Resources forum. They had this nice series of games going on called "The Traitor Games." It started out as a standard Wolf game where superheroes gather around and figure out who the 'wolf' was, or in their case, who the 'traitor' was. Then, after a couple more rounds, it became more complex, and it included just about any fictional character from any medium; video games, anime, movies, etc. It was so successful that it has 20-30 games today.

    So anyway, a few years back, I tried to start something similar, but only with anime characters. Naturally, this kind of game isn't really the usual norm around forums, so it didn't garner much attention at the other forums. I abandoned the idea quickly. Here's hoping that I could get a chance to host a similar game here if possible.
  8. DenjaX
    this is animeforum and anime typed wolf games are our cup of tea as well. xDD

    Actually, we are open minded about any theme. It will be alright.
  9. Arrisu
    I would like to host a game and the theme would be Magi~~
  10. Todoroki
    41. Deathblade
    42. ZW (with my help)
    43. RyuTama
    44. Ribbon
    45. Anime Forum Chronicles II

    Reserving Wolf 45 for Anime Forum Chronicles II

    Also I'm reserving Wolf 50...I figured I should make the 50th game.

    Its gonna be about some of the first 49 games,
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