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Shota Adoption Requests

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  1. Hikarin
    For rules of adopting a shota, look at the group rules thread.

    I will be making images to keep of your chosen characters, but you may still make requests in the mean time.
    Remember, you're only allowed five.
    If I have accepted your request, I will post in this thread and you will be able to get your tag from the collection thread within a week depending on how busy I am.

    Follow this example: (these are my real requests, by the way)

    Shota name: Len Kagamine
    From: Vocaloid
    Nickname: (this is optional. If I wanted to just have "Len" on the tag, I would put this, otherwise the whole name will be printed).

    Shota name: Makoto
    From: Minami-ke

    Shota name: Syaoran Li (CCS version)
    From: Card Captor Sakura

    Shota name: Fon Master Ion
    From: Tales of the Abyss

    Shota name: Chrono
    From: Chrono Crusade
  2. Sapphire-Moon
    Shota name: keith Clay
    from: bakugan battle brawlers new vestroia

    Shota: Kai Hiwatari
    from: beyblade
  3. Hikarin
    ~Requests approved~
    Collect your tag some time tomorrow.
  4. Full Metal SHORTY!!!
    Full Metal SHORTY!!!
    Shota Name: Momiji Sohma
    From: Fruits Basket

    Shota Name: Daisuke Niwa
    From: DN Angel
  5. Kaname Shikara
    Kaname Shikara
    Shota Name: Lag Seeing
    From: Tegami Bachi

  6. Hikarin
    ~All Requests Accepted~
  7. MirrorToTheMoon
    Shota Name: Oz Bezarius
    From: Pandora Hearts
  8. Todoroki
    Shota name: Haninozuka Mitsukuni
    From: Ouran High Host Club
    Nickname: Honey
  9. Hikarin
    ~Requests Accepted~
  10. Eclipse-no-0
    like this
    Shota name: Kairi
    From: Kingdom Hearts
    I mean why not?
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