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Pun Pun

  1. GameGeeks
    Probably the most broken character build in the game. Figured I'd post a link to it since. well, it's D&D. Shows just how broken 3.5 can be.
  2. Tetsanosuke
    When I learned of Pun Pun, I couldn't help but laugh, and be amused by the ideas it stretches. Especially since this 'all godly' powerful character is a Kobold.

    Not that I'm bagging on Kobolds, mind you, we had a Kobold Bard named Yingo in one of our campaigns and he lived pretty much until end game in the underdark. He was even a tree once, and got better. x3
  3. GameGeeks
    The only Kobold bard I've encountered is Deekin from Neverwinter Nights and I hate him. He's annoying as hell.
  4. Tetsanosuke
    Yingo was silent, but he SURE could play a horn!

    And also he had a rapier that could vomit awesome. (Prismatic Burst anyone?)
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