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Marry a Character

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  1. atsukoatsushinakahara
    username : atsukoatsushinakahara
    chosen character : Atsushi Otani
    Character from : Lovely complex
    Why I want this characetr : he is so cute and funny.( I m melting now.....Kyaaa....!!!)
  2. uchiharyuko
    username : uchiharyuko
    chosen character : Kiryuu Zero
    Character from : Vampire knight
    Why I want this character : simple ! he is so cool....and his eyes make me melting..kyaaa....
  3. SuXrys
    Username: SuXrys
    Chosen character: Kamui Yato
    Character from: Gintama
    Why I want this character: He is cute and awesome
  4. Suzume
    Username: すずめ
    Chosen character: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
    Charcter from: Shugo Chara
    Why I want this character? He is so cool!!!
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