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Marry a Character

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  1. Master Procrastinator
    Master Procrastinator
    Username: Master Procrastinator
    Chosen character: Train Heartnet
    Character from: Black Cat

    He's strogn and random oh yeah.
  2. SuXrys
    Username: SuXrys
    Chosen character: Grimmjow Jeagerjaques
    Character from: Bleach
    Why I want this character: He is awesome
  3. Hikarin
    Kay, kay, will work on this week! xD *Drags out image files from dusty corner of computer*
  4. SuXrys

    oooooohw come on! ~

    Neither Grimmjow or me can wait for so much longer! xD

    *we are both stairing into the computerscreen in expectation*

    No, no worries, take your time. Im just joking around.
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    username: SIZARY MOMO
    chosen character: Ulquiorra
    why: We have a lot in comman.
    but i actually am a little nicer than him.
  6. Suzume
    Username: Suzume
    Chosen character: Tomoya Okazaki
    Character from: Clannad
    Why I want this character: He is so caring and so cute <3
  7. catie
    username: catie
    Chosen character: Ryuu Tsuji
    Character from: Special A
    Why I want this character: He is mature and I love his eyes.
  8. tesaamari
    Username: tetta
    Chosen character: ryuuji
    Character from: tora dora
    Why I want this character: he's cool and nice and caring
  9. Vanilla Tsundere
    Vanilla Tsundere
    Username: Vanilla Tsundere
    Chosen character: Asuka Langley Souryuu
    Character from: Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Why I want this character: She's cool, adorable, and exactly my type of anime girl~
  10. richiel<3coolE.m
    Username: richiel<3coolE.m
    Chosen Character: Ryoma Echizen
    Character from: Prince of Tennis
    Why i want this character: He's on subject "c" attitude; Cute, cocky, cool, childish, confident, cold--my first crush <3
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