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Marry a Character

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  1. tsubasa92
    Username: tsubasa92
    Chosen character: Ichihara Yuuko
    Character from: xxxHOLiC
    Why I want this character: she is my favorite female character of all times ^^ she's so wise and awesome in all her breathtaking costumes.
  2. demoroc
    Username: demoroc
    Chosen character: hinata hugyga
    Character from: Naruto
    Why I want this character: she is awesone i love the way she is shy and strong
  3. Hikarin
    ~Requests accepted~ All requests can now be expected to be uploaded on Sunday night.
  4. MirrorToTheMoon
    Username: KanashimiKasouKyoku
    Character: Heiwajima Shizuo
    Character from: Durarara!!
    Why I want this character: Cause he's awesome. He's strong and and kind of cute at the same time. C:
  5. Xanfiore
    Username: RitsukaSZ
    Character: Boris Airay
    Character From: Heart No Kuni No Alice
    Why I want this character: He's kind and so cool even thou he's childish and sly also devious. And I love cats ^^
  6. rikumi
    Username: Rikumi
    Chosen character: Sebastian Michaelis
    Character from: Kuroshitsuji
    Why I want this character: He will be mine forever! We will be bounded by a demon contract! *drools* And I'd better be taking him before anybody does! *bwahahahaha*
  7. TadashiED
    Username: ItzAnimez!
    Chosen Character: Kotori Shirakawa
    Character From: Da Capo
    Why I want this character: She is beautiful, caring, awesome, and has a wonderful voice!
  8. Meteorkeeper
    Username: Meteorkeeper
    Chosen character: Washu Hakubi
    Character from: Tenchi Muyo
    Why I want this character: Smart, Kind, Beautiful, grate with kids what more can a guy ask fore.
  9. Jeffrey Cornillie
    Jeffrey Cornillie
    Username: Jeffrey Cornillie
    Chosen character: Jubei Yagyu
    Character from: Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls
    Why I want this character: she's an air head, beautiful, has pretty eyes, she needs protection(half of the time), she's sooo badass(the other half of the time), I LOVE HER
  10. dango-chan
    Username: dango-chan
    Chosen character: Kaito Shion
    Character from: Vocaloid
    Why I want this character: He's cute and funny and I love him!
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