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Marry a Character

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  1. Hikarin
    For rules of marrying a character, look at the group rules thread.

    I will be making images to keep of your chosen characters, but you may still make requests in the mean time.

    I will request my own here, so follow this example:

    Username: Hikarin (this will be printed on the tag you'll get to keep)
    Chosen character: Kakashi Hatake
    Character from: Naruto
    Why I want this character: He's cool, he's Kakashi, he's mine *jiiiii*

    And that's all there is to it. If I have accepted your request, I will post in this thread and you will be able to get your tag from the collection thread within a week depending on how busy I am. Have fun!^^
  2. Sapphire-Moon
    Username: Sapphire-Moon
    Chosen Character: Sesshomaru
    Character from: Inuyasha
    Why I want this character: he's strong, good with kids and are alike in our people skills

    hope this is right, I would have fought for kakashi but your is already official
  3. Hikarin
    Yes, that's all right. You'll find your tag made soon in the collection thread.
    Yes, I have claimed him on several other forums too and I'm not about to give him up!XD
  4. Full Metal SHORTY!!!
    Full Metal SHORTY!!!
    Username: Full Metal SHORTY!!!
    Chosen Character: L
    Character from Death Note
    Why I want this character: He has a strong personality and is purely amazing XD
  5. Hikarin
    ~Request Accepted~
  6. FlowerMaiden
    Lucky >.< I love Kakashi he was the only reason I watched Naruto as a kid.
    Username: FlowerMaiden
    Chosen character: Edward Elric
    Character from: Fullmetal Alchemist
    Why I want this character: He's awesome and I loved this guy from episode one of FMA
  7. Hanamaru Kunikida
    Hanamaru Kunikida
    Username: Kaitou Kid
    Chosen character: Sakagami Tomoyo
    Character from: Clannad
    Why I want this character: She's hot and pure awesomeness.
  8. Hikarin
    ~Requests Accepted~
  9. mimichan1000
    Username: mimichan1000
    Chosen character: Kuchiki, Byakuya
    Charcter from: Bleach
    Why I want this character? His stoic and quiet nature is really appealing to me ^^

  10. Hikarin
    ~Request accepted~
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