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Group Rules

  1. Hikarin
    There are a few rules for this group. Please read them all carefully. [DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD]

    Group Rules
    1) Only post things relevant to the group and in their right sections.
    2) You may only create a new discussion if you talk it over with me
    3) Now flaming other members
    4) Anyone that fails to abide by the rules will be banned

    Marriage Rules
    You may only marry one character for any anime, game, vocaloid or other related things.
    You may change your mind for your character once every four months, however, if you and another member have decided to swap with each other, then that is allowed.

    Make sure not to abuse any of the leniencies I have with changing your minds all the time, or I will refuse your request. If you want a new rule added to the list, send me a pm or vm.
  2. Hikarin
    Loli and Shota Adoption Rules
    You may only adopt 5 lolis and 5 shotas.
    If you choose to un-adopt a loli or shota, request so in the appropriate thread.
    You may choose a new loli or shota after un-adopting some (if approved) straight away. You may only choose to adopt a new loli or shota four months after choosing some.

    Want a Character That an Inactive Member Has Claimed?

    If a member is inactive (as in not having posted in a least 2 months) and has chosen someone you want, you have the right to attest their choice.
    That member will then be contacted and asked if they are willing to give it up. If there is no reply, the character is yours.
    If the member refuses but still doesn't come on the site after one month, then their choice will be overthrown anyway. This will keep everything fresh and circulating. :3
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