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Got a question? She has the answers!

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  1. Meenah
    But not to every thing. Alright, this is where you can just ask me any kind of questions and you'll get my answers. Basically, this thread here you can use this to get to know me a little more. However, lets not get too personal. I don't want to tell you every single thing about me, its kind of weird. ;/

    For an example:

    "Yo! Sheng Li, why you make this thread? Don't you have a life?"
    My response: "Because I wanna and that was not a nice question. Do YOU have a life?" >_<

    Another example:

    "Will you marry me?"
    My response: "o_o"

    etc. GO GO GO!! Ask me questions, you get an answer!
  2. blueangel06661
    Wanna be my roommate next year? :3 If you don't wanna stay in dorms that is ;__; Dorms are evilll
  3. Meenah
    Omigosh! Yeah sure, we can just be close to the campus and stuff. ^__^ It'll be awesomesauce!
  4. Kaitou+
    Will you marry me?
  5. Meenah
    Yes I do~ I get to be the bride. ;P
  6. Kaitou+
    Of course.
  7. Kaitou+
    Will you fulfill my fantasies with you in it? xD
  8. Meenah
    It depends on what kind, cupcake. :I
  9. Kaitou+
    Make me a sandwich?
  10. Meenah
    Meenah just have to ask me that kind of a question, don't you? >:
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