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We all should thank Microsoft

  1. Aku no Hikari
    Aku no Hikari
    Internet Explorer is:

    "A simple Windows XP tool which allows the user to browse to and download Firefox, a web browser." - Definition from Urban Dictionary.

    So IE turned out to be useful in the end...
  2. DOOM!
    Every time a friend brings me a brand new laptop to take a look at, I say:
    "Ok, start Firefox and go to youtube and see if you got the Flash player addons".
    "Wait, where's Firefox? Damn, man, how do you browse with this thing?"
    "Dammit, now I have to go home, start MY Firefox, and download Firefox off it!"
    "Dude, this thing, like... has Internet Explorer..."
    "Oh yeah, I forgot it does!"
    <run Internet Explorer>
    <wait 10-15 minutes for IE to load>
    <type mozilla>
    <page not found>
    "What the hell, doesn't this thing have that adressbar thing that know what you're talking about?"
    <pane not found>
  3. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    Whenever i see people using IE I get the sudden urge to slap them in the back of the head. But seriously Firefox is always the first thing i download after i install an OS.
  4. FanoBliv
    The only thing we should thank Microsoft for is the XboX 360. They birthed the horrible abomination known as Windows...Which I happily use today ^.^
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