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Firefox Addons I can not live without

  1. Aku no Hikari
    Aku no Hikari
  2. GameGeeks
    I'm not going to hyper link.

    NoScript - This with Adblock Plus makes a nice preemptive barrier against malicious programs. Just allow the sites you trust and block the rest.

    IEFox 8 - ID8 skin for FF. I can't stand the way FF looks by default but I do like the way IE8 looks.

    United States English Dictionary - Spell checker. Not perfect, it is missing a few words but it's spot on for the most part.

    Linkification - Converts text links into hyper-links automatically.

    Flashblock - Block flash objects. Creates a clickable play button for when you want to allow them. Helps reduce some of the more flash based ads Adblock Plus might miss.
  3. DOOM!
    AddBlock and three language spell check packs, plus the OpenMedSpel for US English, but it kinda sucks. Most medical terms and conditions are not in it.
  4. FanoBliv
    My CookieMonster and RefControl, and my Make4chanLookBetter add-on. My Gmail Mananger, so I can manage 5 accounts at once ;-)

    Personas for Firefox, as well as Screengrab. My alltime favorite is FasterFox, so I can bash websites to death for a little bit of extra speed.
  5. DOOM!
    Here'ssomething worth raising awareness with:
    By reading the details, you'd think it's for tinfoil hat purposes, but it helps cleanup hard disk garbage. Once, I had 4 WINDOWS.002 folders which I couldnot delete because of some stupid Flash cookie inside System32.
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