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  1. Vintniv
    I took this idea from another board, and the idea is a type of Apprenticeship/Internship where seniors teach juniors. I was thinking that maybe we could do that here, where those who want to become more skilled, can learn from those who already are. I took notice from our previous two projects that it appeared that a lot of people had little to no experience in the projects given. So I figure, why not teach some of those skills?

    I think this might be a fun experience to give those who want to expand their horizons. So if anyone is interested in this, post here!
  2. Cotaku
    This sounds like a really fun and interesting opportunity. I'm totally on board for this.
  3. Ωmega
    Sounds interesting. How would it work though? WOuld certain people be appointed as "masters/teachers" and others apprentices?
  4. Cotaku
    Maybe there could be a larger spectrum of titles. Y'know, so it's not so "black and white" because people can have skills that aren't considered novice or master. If that makes sense....
  5. Vintniv
    Well, I was thinking we throw it all together into categories. Like:

    Avatars Master: Cotaku
    Avatars Apprentices: Serated, MaruDashi
    Signatures Master Serated and GameGeeks
    Signatures Apprentices: FlashD, MaruDashi, Cotaku


    And of course we can use that contact list discussion in order to hook up or make play dates. The thing that I noticed about where I referenced this form was just how impersonal it was. You would do a tutorial, but for the most part you were all on your own, and that really wasnt fair when Art is just so subjective.
  6. Mr. Panda
    Mr. Panda
    In all honesty I don't see the point of this.

    Well, I actually do, but there's only so much you can learn and only so much you can teach.

    If for example I am a 'pro' at making wallpapers and I teach someone how to make a good one, and I say; "Hey, you know, never ever make your wallpaper empty. Fill em up with nice effects, but take mind in composition, blablabla".
    With that said I can easily find 5 wallpapers which contradict what I just said.

    But, it could work. But you'll have to count me out though, because I wouldn't be good at teaching. I just critizise, I don't teach.
  7. Cotaku
    Don't criticisms and teaching kind of go "hand-in-hand"? And I think these titles are a way to identify who has more knowledge in one area so people have a better idea of who to ask for certain things instead of just asking any graphic artist. (I could be wrong though...)
  8. Bulf
    I'm game. If there's anything I need to learn it's the pen tool >_>;. Though I'm not good at explaining things...
  9. Archaic Devices
    Archaic Devices
    I could definitely use some apprenticeship ._.
  10. Vintniv
    How about we put a thread for this up in the forum so we can discuss it further?
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