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Nunnally fans!!

  1. Aku no Hikari
    Aku no Hikari
    This topic is definitely not for Nunnally doujin-shi fans.

    This topic is for those who think of Nunnally as an angle rather than a human being. Or maybe as a human being with innocence level 9000.0001 (a bit over nine thousand).

    *SPOILERS* If you were angry when Nunnally was given the Democlis key (regardless of how it's spelled), or you it was really hard for you to watch Lelouch use his Geass on Nunnally and then leave her crawling behind him and falling on the stairs, or if you just feel that Nunnally doesn't deserve anything bad that happened to her, this topic is for you.

    (Note: No need to defend what Lelouch did. I was not attacking him anyway. I would have done what he did if I were in his shoes. I'm just saying that I hate the fact that it happened to Nunnally.)
  2. Rei
    I merely felt...happy? :o I am one sick person.

    But she truly didn't deserve Charles' Geass, lol. That was cruel. But Charles isn't human anyway.
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    she was the only female I like in the anime, the rest got on my nerves
  4. under the rain
    under the rain
    She's not a particularly round character, (Round as in complex...) but she still remains one of my favorite characters in the show for whatever reason.

    It may be due to perverse asexual cuddlelust.
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