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The 10 Commandments of Video Games

  1. .:neuko:.
    If you could be a god of the video game industry, what would your 10 commandments for game developers be?

    Mine would be (in no particular order...):

    Thou shall not produce lousy licence titles.
    Thou shall not produce sloppy ports (Yes, I am looking at you, EA.); therefore, thou shall make full use of the hardware per targeted console.
    Thou shall not steal ideas from another game developer company (especially you, Bandicoot!).
    Thou shall not design game quests that lead to nowhere.
    Thou shall not design game quests that force the player to search in unlikely places for ordinary things.
    Thou shall not produce games that contain manufactured "cool" (That's right, Sims!).
    Thou shall not design beat 'em ups in which a fighter can defeat an opponment with a cheap tap, just because the opponment has a sliver of vitality left - that's just silly.
    Thou shall not design a game in which the player can effectively freeze time when accessing an inventory, weapon, book etc..
  2. .:neuko:.
    (10 Video Game Commandments continued...)

    Thou shall not design games that force players to buy game guides in order to unlock everything.
    Thou shall not create a game idol and worship it. For I am the lord your God and I tolerate no rivals.
  3. Sapphire-Moon
    you basically have what I would say but not:
    Thou shall not make sequels that are nowhere as good as the first (bioshock, how could you)
    Thou shall not have long movie scenes (can we just play the game for goodness sake)
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