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Favorite Pokemon Ever

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  1. Shini
    If you don't pick Mewtwo, you lose.
  2. *Tsuki*
    I pick Mew!
    The original.

    Or maybe Bulbasaur . . .
  3. Aku no Hikari
    Aku no Hikari
    Yeah, Bulbasaur is awesome. But my favorite Pokemon was Charizard in the anime.

    In the game, one of my favorite Pokemon was Gardevoir. (Gosh, don't think I'm a furry. :P I just love Psychic Pokemon. And besides, I was too young when I chose that Pokémon, so I didn't understood those things. Honest!!) It's a very good Psychic Pokémon, especially that it has Calm Mind, one of my favorite Psychic moves (increases both Special stats).

    I'm also a sucker for Dragon Pokemon. I used to raise both Flygon and Altaria in Pokémon Ruby, along with Gardevoir. Every time.

    Lol, I'm such a Pokémon geek =P
  4. Souhi
    Gengar was my absolute favorite of the original 150/151

    Next gen my favorite was Scizzor.

    After that it would be Salamence or Vigoroth.

    I haven't played the newest gen, so yeah.
  5. StupidEJ95
    g1 - Articuno
    g2 - Steelix
    g3 - Sharpedo
    g4 - Arceus
  6. Miss Moonlight
    Miss Moonlight

    that is all.
  7. Gjallarhorn
  8. Kagome

    he's cute! >o<
  9. Fuu Kasumi
    Fuu Kasumi
    I was always a big Squirtle fan. Probably because he was in a gang.
  10. TheThunderBringer
    EFFIN' SHUCKLE. Nobody can defeat him and his meek turtle ruse, because he actually has the highest Def and SpDef of ANY Pokemon EVER!!!

    Shuckle @Leftovers/Chesto Berry
    252HP 126 Def 126 SpDef
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