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Kanketsuhen (the final act) and the manga

  1. Kagome
    I finished reading the manga back in 08 when it officially ended, and then watched Kanketsuhen when it came out at the end of last beginning of this year.

    I found Kanketsuhen fast forwarded and skipped over a lot of stuff like super. I just recently attempted re-watching the first episode of the "final" 26 and had to stop half way through because it was like too way too much, happening too way to fast and not even in the right order...x_x It irked me.

    I'd love to know-just what made them think they could shove 20 manga volumes with 10 chapters per volume into 26 episodes and think they could get away with a well produced anime? 'Cause obviously-they couldn't.
  2. Sapphire-Moon
    I was excited when I heard about it (even though I hated the anime ending) but like you said, it lacked. to be honest, they should have left it alone
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