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Great series.... New movie, not so great

  1. Matty
    This anime was actually one of the first I watched... other than pokemon, but everybody watches pokemon when they're a kid.

    I gotta say that the ending to this was pretty phycadellic for the series, then when the movies came out (Death & Rebirth, End of Evangelion) I thought they would end it differently, which it did sort'a but in the same mind-scrambling fashion.

    I saw the new movie, evangelion 1.0, and I didn't enjoy it as much. Seemed like they cut a lot of stuff out, and rearanged things. Also it was pretty fast paced, not giving enough time to fully develop feelings towards the charcters for me.
  2. Rei
    Hmm...the earlier movies were good (given that the whole series was pretty psychological anyways), and were created for the purpose of giving the original series a complete ending...we all know how the series ended.

    True, the new movies aren't as detailed, and they changed some things (like Asuka's last name, and some characters). Well, I did watch the first two new movies before the original series; they were pretty mind-blowing then, so I can't say I know exactly how you feel...a big plus is that the animation is much better, if that's any consolation. I cried during the second movie after seeing what happened to Asuka...not so much when her Eva got shredded in Death and Rebirth. I sure hope 3.0 comes out soon, then we'll see what happens to the plotline...
  3. Miasma
    The movies have a totally different "feel" from the original series. Like, I find it hard to even compare the two. Now, I definitely prefer the show to Rebuild and all the other adaptations, but I do enjoy Rebuild for what it is (namely, a brighter and more optimistic take on Evangelion).
  4. Matty
    Yes! Deffinately the original two movies gave a better ending to the series, 100% agree with you! But I liked both; just the mind blowing fashion was epic for its time, and still hold some ground on the newer anime series' coming out.

    Honestly, i just watched 1.0. If you think it's worth the watch, I'll check out 2.0 and 3.0 (when it's released). I do like the animation change; bluray anime's just look so... crisp, lol
  5. Matty
    I'll admit when someone's right... and yep; you called it. 2.0 was actually pretty fuc*ing cool! I can't believe I put off on watching it for so long... but I stand by the fact that 1.0 was a crappy rendition of the first part of the series; and they changed around too much to crunch down on time.

    But 2.0 I think I liked better than the second part of the series.... plus the animation was a MAJOR upgrade; especially the fights; I was blown away.
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