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  1. Nunnally Vi Brittania
    Nunnally Vi Brittania
    Where it all begins. Introduce yourself here and tell us all how you became so interested in SAO. Was it a suggestion?? Out of curiosity? Please, grab a cuppa and tell us!
  2. Kisarose
    Hi! Name's Kisarose and I got introduced to SAO by a friend of mine. At first I thought it would be one of those strange anime's from the early 90's about mmos by the description he gave me but as I started watching it I became rather interested it in and definitely its animation. The art was simply amazing. I loved both the arcs and the fact that it made all the references to the standard traditional games that I play too. ^^
  3. Akio-sempai
    (^^) Hi everyone, my name is Akio. I came across SAO when I was looking for a good romance/ action anime to watch and instantly got hooked on the immersive story line, and as Kisarose said, the beautiful animation. It was grueling waiting for the next episode to come out every week and if you watch the anime you'll know exactly what I mean (- .-) =3 . WARNING! It's almost impossible to stop watching once you've started! Especially if you like anime that punches your emotions in the face. This one definitely did it for me. If you haven't seen this anime yet, and if you are into action and romance I highly recommend you watch it. I'd also like to hear your opinions on it, so please post what you think about it
  4. zxccxxc
    Hii minna, namae wa rand. please add me ^^
    big fan of SAO here cz it have a good romance story balanced with a great adventure story.
    I like it so much. though i watched it a bit late. :v
  5. BigDangoFamily
    Hi my name's Kotomi and my sister introduced SAO to me! At first I thought it was kind of weird but then I really started to like it. The story line really got to me it just made me want to join in myself!!
  6. someoneofforumpast
    My name is 1nterest1ng lol or Sean

    I started SAO when I saw it come up on my Hulu Feed and the rest is history. I love it cause there is no manga associated with it, and Kiritio is such a suave badass!!
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