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Tell us about your character.

  1. Alice Lost
    Alice Lost
    If you have the Hero Builders Guidebook Accessory, feel free to open it right now.

    Feel free to talk about as little or as much as you want about your latest character(s).

    Here's mine!

    Name: Alice Lost (My Nickname)
    Gender: Female
    Character Class: Ranger
    Age: 18
    Hair Color & length: Black & Ponytail
    Eye Color: Red
    Height: 5ft 5in (Short, I know)
    Weight: 118
    Class: Middle Class
    Weapons: Longsword and Longbow
    Race: Human
    Alighnment: Good / Lawful
    Manner of Speech: Accented
    Facial Characteristics: Cute face with flared eyes
    Character Traits: Young Adventurer
    Physical Traits: Strong enough to lift a sword and fight
    Hobbies: Archery, Dancing and Reading
    Habits: A little shy
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