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A Turn of Events

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  1. Kaleohano
    Lloyd- speaks loudly enough for Ty to hear down the hallway "Dont be rash. You may do something you'll regret. And whatever you do, dont hate Yuko for not knowing what how to stop either you or Kryu."
    Thinks to himself *as much as it pains me, i can do no more. some people just have to learn for themselves...*
    Then he gets up and looks around thinking *I heard a short scream somewhere. Sounds kinda exciting...whhhheeeeeerree did it come from?* he looks around and smiles as as he locks down which room it came from.
    Lloyd strolls up to the door and knocks "House keeping!" he says with a smile "I heard a noise, is everything alright? I'm comming in!"
    Lloyd opens the door and sees Misakis mouth being covered by Yuko, and Anba waking up naked. His face goes dark. He takes his coat off and puts it over Anba and then faces Yuko and Misaki with a menacing look on his face and light energy radiating around his arms "Go on then...I'm listening."
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Yuko-*blushes* "Uh...I..I know this looks wrong but i'm serious i had nothing to do with it hehe" *sweatdrops*
    Misaki-"Nothing to do with it!? You were spying on this girl!You're such a perve Yuko!"
    Yuko-"I am not!And you know it Misaki!" *yells while blushing madly*
    Misaki-"Sure whatever you say Yuko." *says in a sarcastic tone*
    *Yuko and Misaki keep arguing while blushing madly*
  3. Kaleohano
    Lloyd- becomes impatient and yells "Shut up! Calm yourselves and explain what happened. Don't jump to conclusions, only tell me what each of you did, or saw the other person do!" he folds his arms and starts tapping his foot "Either act like adults and tell me what happened, or i'll just extract the the information again your will. Either way, i'll find out the truth. And don't think you can lie to me. No one has ever managed to lie to me. Now spit it out!"
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Anba eyes are closed and she yawns cutely stretching and letting the jacket fall off of her. She realizes shes stark naked and eyes the guys and starts grinning. (cute loli voice) "well ..i can explain *doesnt mind not being clothed used to it* i thought that i should come back i had time to think..and yuko said he was going to leave his window open for me so IN WOLF FORM i crawled inside and feel asleep on this very comfortable bed and NOW I WAKE UP and GUYS ARE BICKERING LIKE FLEA BITTEN CUBS!!!! *relaxes down on the bed again* "but for pete's sake do you guys even know how old i am! 12 in human years!!! so i a loli so nice ...because im much stronger than any of you the way im quicker too. But i have done things in my life time but those were test and apparently i appealing to most males. *grins sensually*
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura smiles" i think i like your title it's sexy"*thinks* " need a title too!"..looks down the hall and tilts ears "um.. i think my sis is back and she um met your brother...oh and just warning you after shes been in wolf form for a while shes... stays unclothed the first day after..oh and she has a way with guys apparently like i do. *thinks *" this is going to get sister is like twelve in human years and your bro um... alot..but he looks young"..walks down the hall holding onto lucas's hand. "hopefully this doesnt get outta hand." *kisses lucas*
  6. Kaleohano
    Lloyd looks questioningly at Anbas eyes. They were cocky beyond reason. "Well at least she didn't try to lie to me. I guess niter of you two actually did anything. Thats good. You wouldn't have liked the consequences if one of you had tried anything. As for you, little cub, i don't know the specifics, but i can tell you've lived a tough life. If you'd ever like to talk to someone without any previous opinion on you, feel free to come find me."
    Lloyd puts the coat back on Anbas shoulders. "You can go ahead and hold on to that Till Yuko finds you me proper clothes." He smiles pleasantly and exits the room. "have a nice day!"
  7. Kaleohano
    Lucas- laughs "Well I'm glad that you like the title. I admit that i find it rather appealing too, I just don't care for the way i attained it." Lucas suddenly becomes a little silent after those words and looks sad.
    He quickly regains his composure and smiles at Aura again "You don't have to worry about Lloyd. He won't try anything with her. Believe you me, she is definitely not his type. When it gets to girls, he really loves the very large um... upper...bodies... He justifies it by saying that he wants his children to be the happiest in the world. So a 12 year old isn't gonna even remotely interest him in such a way. I can tell from his thoughts though, that he has a feeling that Yuko might have some sort of thing for Anba." He pulls Aura in closer as they continue to walk down the hall.
    "So is there anything else you wanted to talk about?"
  8. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    anba looks up at him and wraps the jacket around her and zips it up. and looks at Yuko with eyes of cuteness and pouts her lip. " awkward right? could you get me something to eat and fetch me an adorable outift!" looks at misaki and grins.

    Aura shakes her head and looks up at Lucas and connects her gaze into his pupils and kisses him.
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Yuko-*tries not to stare at Anba* "U-Um i got a dress that you might like.It's not too revealing but not too covered up.
    I think you um m-might like it." *Anba finishes changing*
    Yuko-"See.You look nice and beautiful.No what is it you came here to talk about?"

    Anba's Dress

  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Yuko-"Hmm i have nothing to eat right now." *takee lolipop out of pocket* "Haha!Here eat this while i go and get something
    to eat.Keep her company Misaki!" *walks out the room into the kitchen*
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