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The Coming Storm

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Dante-"I get it.I know what this is all about."
    Ty-"What are you talking about?"
    Dante-"Sir do you remember Kiryu(name means:strength)?You guys grew up together along with Yuko(name means:gentleness).
    Ever since Ken got jealous of you becoming the head captain and ever since he created the Organization,you've been scared to
    fight him!You know that you can easily defeat him but you can't bare seeing him.You can't bare seeing the assassins who willingly
    fight for you die by his hands.Sir i know our mission is crazy but let us learn from our own mistakes.If we want to go out there and
    die let us.It will be our own fault not yours.Please don't feel hurt by our mistake."
    Ty-*sighs* *looks at Lucas and how determined he is* "Fine.I will give you equipment for your trip.But you will head out when i say.
    Right now is the time to find more volunteers.Your orders are to find them and train them.Then you will head out."
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Yuko Kiyoshi]
    Yuko=Gentleness Kiyoshi=Quiet

    [Kiryu Dai]

    [Ty Kazu(right),Kiryu Dai(left),and Yuko Kiyoshi(middle)]
  3. Kaleohano
    "That sounds acceptable. But don't keep us waiting. Every day wasted is a day they can use to get stronger or attack other places."
    Takes Auras hand "You, the other wolves, and i need to go talk about this in private and figure out a plan of action. I'm not sure if they all share my opinion on this matter. Come to think of it, you were very quiet throughout all of this. What are your thoughts concerning the situation, my love?"
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura is in total confusion and the others ss well....Lelouch the organization leader made us strong but. The wolves dislike him upon his unruling test.

    Aura (smiles unsurely and growls) Ty how the hell do you know!? We wolves are the strongest of all assassins be ad were once part of the organjzation! (Sighs) Lucas lets go to OUR room..I need to calm down before I kill mistakably!
    Aki (sighs) I can get Vail back...because in actuality I love him!(covers mouth crynig and runs from room to outside)
    Iris(groans) its hard to watch over both of my GOOD sisters. Lucas before you go to your guys ROOM I want to talk you.please.(looks at you with sad eyes)
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Ty-"Well then i see you know your orders."*looks at Lucas and Aura* "Your a lucky man Lucas.Just make sure you don't loose i lost my love.*sighs*"Now get out of my sight all of you...I need to be alone."
    [Assassins push everyone out of the Ty's office and the big doors close]

    Dante:thinks~So Aki likes Vail huh?Maybe there is hope for him
    Cloud:"WHAT!!?? Aki llove Vail? Aww man now i'm the only guy without a chick!
    Eh i have nothing to worry about,I mean who wouldn't fall for this? ;P *poses stupidly*

    Dante:"What's wrong with him? T^T"*sweatdrops*
  6. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Meanwhile Aki is outside and runs in the rain crying out for Vail
    Aki -"vail...please come back there are people that love you here and most important is me!" Vail! Vail! Vail please (tears stain her face and she sitsin the mud crying and collasping in thee mud)
    Iris -"Aki come inside its no use. Hes gone. We don't know if he'll ever come back again!"
    Aki -" he will bro I can just feel it inside."
    *new character time*
    ayoung boy walks up to iris and aki with an older girl by his side with hoods raised.
    Rhen -"hello we come yo help you! We escaped from the organization."
    Rayna -"yes what my brother speaks is true."
    Rhen :
    13, black hair, blue eyes, olive skin
    Rayna :18, black hair with purple highlights, navy blue eyes, olive skin
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Dante-[comes outside]"Hey you guys we're having hot coco,whoa,who are these guys?"
    "They're not dangerous are they?"
  8. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aki and Iris get up off of the ground. Rayna and Rhen walk up to Dante.
    Rhen -"no sir we were sent here by Hinge to help Aura "
    Rayna "this is true may we come in we mean you no harm. We traveled a far distance."
    Aki (stops crying) "come with us we 'll bring you to Aura."
    Iris (scoffs) indeed! "( stomps away intothe building)
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-*sees strangers walk in and takes out wrist blades*
    Dante-"Woah!Calm down Sizary it's just people here to help."
    Sizary-*puts away wrist blades* "Hi there" *reaches out hand to shake*
    Suki-"What's this!?We can't send more people with us.Now we need to ask
    the Head Captain again.He's so tough i don't think i could go through it anymore."
    Cloud-"I sense the Head Captain in the graveyard.Maybe one of us should go and
    ask while we sit here to catch up with these new comers."
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Rayna (shudders and feels shy) "um...we aren't here to harm. we were told to come help from one of the otberassassins by the name of Hinge. Quite ahandsome fellow if I do say. '"(Looks at cloud and blushes then points at him) " will you tell Ty we are here to help with the solve strenght and you are kinds cute!" (Blushes and turns away)
    Rhen -(taps foot on ground) "Sis ..please lets be serious ...Cloud just go ask Ty!"
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