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The Coming Storm

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  1. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura lays there and gets on al fours crawling to Lucas and kisses him.
    Rayna "they're yummy (bites strawberry slowly) and what is it that you wanna ask me cutie? (Smiles at cloud) what is it?"
    Rhen(looks for Sizary) hey where's that Sizary girl? I think that's a nice looking piece of tail if you ask me!"(grins meniacly)
    There is a loud Clang in the titanium room and a blood curdling scream is heard. Iris runs down the hall along with Hinge and Aki.
    Iris "what the hell was that? Sis you cant escape!"
    a snarl makes Aki jump. Hinge looks inside the tiny window on the door. Anbā jumps up snapping and clawing.
    hinge"um...I think this one needs a lot of help.
    Aki " shutup she will but with love."
  2. Kaleohano
    Lucas pauses "Did you hear that? I can imagine tomorrow being a tough day. We should work as much stress off as we can tonight."
    Pulls Auras hair and kisses her vigorously. He squeezes her hip with his free hand and pulls her in closer.
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    "Okay deal...but lets get this wolf howling"
    Aura kisses and bites lucas's lip groaning and pressing into him....she growls softly as she feels his hardness against her.
    "Ooo ...someones excited!"
    Aura pokes her tongue against lucas's lips as her breaths become short.
  4. Kaleohano
    Lucas hugs her tight feeling her chest against his. He flips on top of her and presses his weight into her waist while biting her neck while scratching her her back.
    "Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now."
    He quickly works his shirt off and starts biting Auras neck again while pulling on hers.
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura just rips off her shirt and her pants somehow side right off.
    "Oh does it now?!"
    Aura unbuttoned his pants and rips them off with her teeth....Aura gets a little cold and flops you on his back suddenly and presses her underwear clad body against him. Aura parts his lips with ger tongue and massages your tongue with hers and bites your lip softly groaning.
    "My my about to get dominated" *omg that wasstupid to say but wth!"
    Aura wraps her legs around you waste and pushes against you moaning.
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas raises an eyebrow "Dominate me? You're in the wrong world baby" He stands up and pins her against the wall and simultaneously pulls off her bra. "I'm the one who does the dominating here."
    He grabs her hair and pulls her head back while kissing her bare chest. Holding her on the wall with his free hand on her thigh, he grinds into her with all of his weight.
  7. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    "Oh yes...but I'm top wolf!"(grins pushing you on the bed landing on top of you with her chest in your face)
    Licks you ear and stares at you with bright green eyes.......
    she pins him and and starts grinding him.
    "How do you feel about that...huh?...mmmmgrrryess!!"
    Moans and kisses your bottom lip and nibbles it.
  8. Kaleohano
    "Gad damn baby, maybe I can let you be in charge for tonight."
    He grabs on the the back of her panties "Let me apologize for this in advance" then tears them clean off of her. "How do you manage to make me lose my composure like this?"
    Then slowly runs his hand up the inside or Auras leg.
  9. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura shivers and cuddles close to him..sighing at the caressing traveling hands.
    "Maybe ill let you this soooo gooooood right now."
    Aura relaxes and Rests by his side looking in his eyes sweetly.
    "I love you."
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura moans as he touched her and whispers sweet things into his ear.
    "That feels nice and don't be shy...Lucas you're sssooooo sexy."
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