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The Coming Storm

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  1. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Anbā jumps at clouds throat pinning him to the ground. Rayna sees Anbā isomers him and tackles her off of him.
    Rayna grabs Anbā by the scruff of the neck. Throwing her into a tree. Anbā shakes off the the short pains.
    Aura, Aki, and Iris step out and Anba freezes in confusion.
    Aura "Anbā don't you know its not worth fighting us. We love you. Lelouch is going to pay for what hes doing to you.
    Aki " sis don't fight we don't wantt to hurt you. Please just turn for whatis best and join us."
    Iris (over to Anba and goes to hug her)"sis do what's right!"
    Anbā raises her paw swiping iris on the cheek. The blood drips causing Rayna and Rhen to look at him with hungry eyes.
    Anbā "I'm doing what is right you just cant see it! "
    Iris cries"sis he just fooling you!!!" He falls to the group d fainting. Rayna and Rhen smell the blood and run towards Iris. Hinge blocks their way.
    Hinge "guys stop control your self's!"
    They both stop and recover from the blood lust.
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Dante-*looks around* "Hey where did Aura and the others go?"
    Sizary-*grips her head in her hands* "Ow my head hurts!"*Sizary sees flashes of Cloud and the others being attacked*
    "Cloud!He's in trouble!"

    [Meanwhile Anba is about to attack Rayna]
    Cloud-thinks~I can't let them harm anyone.I've already failed once.*Memory flashes of when his little
    brother was taken by The Organization*

    *speaks* "I will not be a failure i will save and care for everyone!Even if
    it costs me my own life!!!"
    [Anba is about to squish Rayna but Cloud holds Anba's arm from touching Rayna]
    Cloud-"M-Move Rayna!"
  3. Kaleohano
    Lucas Rushes to Iris' side "Hey, you alright?" He checks for a pulse and is relieved to see that his is perfectly fine. "He'll be ok. He just fainted from the blood loss and stress."
    Lucas stands up and tells Hinge to take care of Iris. "I'll take care of this girl." Looks at Rehn and Rayna "either help me, or get the hell away from here. Either way, remember to learn."
    Lucas slowly walks toward Anbā "Your name is Anbā is it not? The little mighty girl with a bad attitude. Who in the hell attacks their own family!? You disgust me!"
    Anbā breaks clouds grip and swipes at Lucas but he catches it with one hand then twists her leg until she falls to the ground. Then pins her there with his foot on her throat and yells"LEARN SOME GOD DAMN RESPECT!! They're trying to f***ing help you!"
    Takes a little pressure off of his foot, draws his sword, and in a calm tone asks "Now can we put whatever is going on aside and act civilized? Or do you want to take this pointless fighting to the end?"
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    [SIZE="1"]Anbā swiftly turns her body flipping Lucas off of her and lenghthens her claws. "My only family left doesntunderstand the Lelouch is trying to help us!!!! These lead assassins dealt want our furry wolf butts dead and I will not noon a side the will betray me no matter how but these test for science may hurt me because they make me tougher and and dangerous!!!! "Aura walks up behind Anba and quickly and sharply pinches her shoulders. Anbā falls to the ground unconsicous.Hinge patches up Iris and they both walk over.Hinge "I guess we put her in the titanium room that should hold her."Iris"Guys letsgp inside shes no harm for us any more "Aura comes by and cradles Anbā in her arms.Aura whispers "sister we will shnnow you the truth and the light. I love you. "A small tear comes from her eyes she turns away making sure Lucas doesn't see.
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aki walks with Aura to the the titainium room.
    Aki "I remener when she was sweet and cute. Now shes cute but mean."
    Aura sets Anba in the room and turns to Aki
    "I need to talk to Lucas ...alone please." Aki walks to her room
    Aura"Lucas! can I talk to you?" Aura cant hold back anymore tears and runs into his arms crying and sobbing loudly gripping his shirt.
    "Will you help us change her tommorrow. I just ~need~ you now."
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas is a little shocked at the sudden outburst of emotion from Aura. But he hugs her tight and lays his chin on top of her head. "What kind of question is that. Do you actually believe i'd ever say no to you asking me for help?" Chuckles softly and kisses Auras forehead "You're so funny for a wolf. Of course i'll help."
  7. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura leans up more and kisses Lucas biting his lip slightly and a growls comes for her throat as she pushes him against the wall.
    "Lets go to our room and relax I'm very tense."
    Aura puts thoughts in Lucas 's mind.
    Rayna walks up to cloud and taps him playfully on his Butt. She runs to her room giggling.
  8. Kaleohano
    Lucas leans back and smiles "Damn girl, its like you could read my mind." Winks and pulls Auras hair while kissing her. "Lets get to that room."
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    (my comment of what is posted above:Gross...T^T Keep it PG 13 PLEASE!!!)
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Cloud-"What?Huh?WHO TOUCHED MY BUTT!?" *sees Sizary standing there thinking"WTF?"*
    Cloud-"THEN WHO DID!"

    [Cloud and Sizary keep yelling at each other]
    Dante-"Come on you guys cut it out already"
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