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The Coming Storm

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [It starts to rain]
  2. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Rhen(growls)"we don't need your damn training! But if its a must it with be as easy as pie!(grins and shows fangs)
    Rayna(snarls) "bro we don't wanna start trouble.(smiles at Lucas) I'm sorry um you're cute as b
    ...I'm sorry."
    Aura ( growls deeply) lets just get this finished with. Rayna just think before you say! Rhen don't get too cocky!!!!!!"
    Meanwhile outside
    Hinge "dammit it she must have followed me!!! Know lets quickly get inside before we become BBQ!!"
    they are too late as Anbā sniffs them out.
    Anbā "you cant hidefrom me! (Lets out fire breath and ignites the Bush also has a lolita cute voice!)
  3. Kaleohano
    "Ah Rayna and Rhen. A pleasure to meet interesting way to greet a stranger but a greeting nonetheless."
    Smiles at Aura then looks back at Rayna and with a chuckle says "The compliment is appreciated but I'll have you that I am already taken by Aura over here. The bond between us is very dear to me and I don't see it ever being broken."
  4. Kaleohano
    With a more stern tone Lucas directs his attention to Then. "I do not doubt that you are powerful. However, your demeanor alone tells me that you still have much to learn. I am still recovering from recent events so right now I could imagine that defeating you might be a quite a bit more tiring than usual. Do not think however that sheer willpower would be enough to take me on."
    Speaking to Then, Aura, and Reyna "No one is ever done learning. I'm not and neither are any of you. True power comes in the combined knowledge of many. Even a less experienced warrior may know a thing or two that you do not. And if wish to have any chance to defeat the enemies we face, then we need to stop bickering about which of us is the strongest, and come together as one to be more powerful than any of us could become alone."
  5. Kaleohano
    Breathes for a minute as if thinking about something "I'm sorry. when you've been around as i have, you'll find yourself prone to wandering off in speech. so tell me a little about yourselves. I really would like to know more about your history."
  6. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Anba tries to attack Hinge but Cloud pushes him out of the way]
    Cloud-*phew*"That was a close one"
    [Anba turns to Ty and attacks.Ty dodges.]

    (Cloud's memory when he was a kid)

    Cloud-*turns to his dad while sitting on his lap*"Hey dad!I wanna become one of the great assassins!"
    Dad-"That's great my boy.But remember,you must protect the Captain at all costs."
    Cloud*tilts his head down thinking*"Dad why do they try so hard?Why do they get mad when they fail?"
    Dad-"Well because they want to protect everyone.If they fail it means people get hurt and that they haven't
    tried their best."
    Cloud-"So,every time they fail people get hurt?"
    Dad-"Something like that"
    Cloud-*raises a fist*"I will not fail dad!I will be victorious!"

    [End Of FlashBack]
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Cloud snaps out of his flash back]
    Cloud-thinks~When the captain has to take matters into his own hands.We have failed.
    *yells* "I WILL NOT FAIL!!! I AM VICTORIOUS!!!" *makes jutsu sign with his hand*
    [Cloud uses the assassin signal that signals Sizary]
    (p.s the signal hurts the person who receives the signal but is alarming)

    [Meanwhile back at the HQ]
    Sizary-*holds her head* "Ow!My head!"
    Dante-"Huh?What's wrong Sizary?"
    Sizary-"My head hurts."
    Dante-"I told you shouldn't have gotten up!Now get to need rest."
  8. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Stages Of The Yuko Signal
    (this signal was invented by Yuko himself)

    -Flashes of what is happening to the signal sender
    -Urge to get up
  9. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Rayna (sighs and starts to cry) "I really don't wanna talk about it!"(runs aside)
    Rhen(feel embarrassed and starts to whimper)"pleas Lucas don't as us questions about our past! Sis wait upset still need to train."(runs after his sister outside)
    Meanwhile outside
    Anbā "you can run but you cant hide boys..hahaha..(catches Ty by thecollar of his shirt picking him up in her jaws running off)
    Hinge "Cloud call the others she has Ty and is now!"
    Anbā is up in the air and hinge goes I side to call others but runs in to Rhen and Rayna.
    hinge "guys come on Anbā is getting away "
    aura runs hears hinge and tells the others.
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Anba looks at Ty who is hanging from her mouth]
    Ty-"I thought wolves were supposed to be smart"[Ty poofs into dust]
    (p.s it was a clone)
    [Anba gets mad and hurls back to the others]
    Cloud-"If that was a clone then where's Ty-sama!!!??"
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