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a close eye

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  1. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Beikoku howls for Lucas to fully change to help fight!
    *lucas below*
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Sizary,Hinge,Dante,Cloud,and Suki come outside seeing the fight]
    Lelouch(lies on the floor dying)''You guys really think i would send the real me out here?''[Lelouch puffs into dust]
    Cloud-''Whoa what the heck happened!?"*sees Aura and others as a huge wolf thing*
    [Suddenly a bunch of Lelouches appear everywhere]
    Lelouch-"Come on Vail.Our master is waiting."
    Dante-"What!?*looks at Vail*Y-you wouldn't....please tell me ur not leaving..."
    Vail-"With them i have a purpose."
    [Sizary uses Eagle vision to find the real Lelouch]
    [Sizary runs toward Lelouch making him knock her against a tree]
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Dante runs towards Lelouch and stabs him in the chest]
    Dante-"It's over.."
    Lelouch-"w-what are y-you doing...D-Dante..?"
    Dante-thinks~he didn't even defend himself.why?
    [Suki sees Sizary stumble off the ground]
    Suki-"Sizary are you ok?"*Suki sees an evil smile on Sizary's face*
    Sizary*starts laughing*
    Cloud-"What wrong with her?"
    [As Sizary stands black fumes come around her and then she appears as Lelouch]
    Cloud-"It's the Visual Jutsu!He made himself look like Sizary!"
    [Dante sees that he is actually stabbing Sizary]
  4. Kaleohano
    Lucas saw the whole scene play out in slow motion but was to slow to stop what happened. He rushes over and catches Sizary as she starts to collapse. using one of his swords lucas cleanly cuts through Dantes wrist blade. "Dante. DANTE!" Lucas slaps Dante across the face to get him out of his daze. "Dante! If you pull out the blade she'll only bleed to death quicker! Lelouche managed to get into your head once and he'll do it again! This fight is not for you. let me and Aura handle this. You need to take Sizary to the assassins HQ as fast as you can and get her some medical attention or you will lose her!" Puts Sizary into Dantes arms "now GO!"
    Dante runs off with Sizary as fast as he can.
    Lucas faces toward the battle and black mist spreads from his wings making the fake copies of Lelouche vanish. Only one remains.
    Lelouche chuckles "Are you certain its me."
  5. Kaleohano
    Lucas now running with his arms and swords outstretched yells out "Your stupid mind games won't work on me! You made a huge mistake with you did to Dante and Sizary!"
    Lucas' eyes turn red and the mist surrounding Lelouche suddenly solidifies into chains that completely immobilize him.
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas drops one of his sword and takes its wooden scabbard instead. "Lets see if Vampires are as easy to kill as the old stories say." Breaks the scabbard in half and drives both pieces through Lelouche. Theres an eery silence while nothing happens, then a pulse emanating from Lelouche rushes through the ground. Lucas just barely manages jump away before a blinding red light explodes out of Lelouche where he'd been stabbed.

    A scream of utter agony erupts from Lelouche, filling the air with nothing but the sound of his tortured body as all the dark energy sustaining his life flowed out.
    The light quickly faded and Lelouche was revealed. His body was slowly turning to stone, crumbling, and blowing away in the wind. His form blowing away, until Lelouche was nomore...
  7. Kaleohano
  8. Kaleohano
    Lucas turns toward Vail
    "This only leaves you to be dealt with. But I don't think i'm the one who should pass judgement on you. That is for your brothers and sisters at the Assassins HQ to decide. And don't you even think about running, Vail"
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Vail-"You need work.That wasn't Lelouch.Yes it was a real person but not Lelouch.On his way here he of course had to
    get through some guards.Using the multiple soul jutsu he made a copy his his soul go into a dead body of a guard.Where
    is Lelouch you might ask?Well i'll let you figure that out.He could be hiding.Maybe he could even be already in one of your friend's
    head slowly killing them.Who knows?"
    Cloud-"Everybody get your own personal space!He could be anywhere!"
    Suki-thinks~he could be anyone....Could he be Cloud?maybe....*eyes widen*...what if he's in Dante!He could kill Sizary!
    Suki-"What if he's in Dante!He has a chance to kill Sizary!"
    Cloud-"Whether he's in him or not no one can go and help.If one of us goes,how can we know they're not Lelouch?"
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Vail-*chuckles*"heh,you guys look really weak right now.Just look at you guys.Even scared of your own team mates."
    Vail-*takes out a jar with a purple arrow in it* "Here he is."
    [Vail opens jar as the arrow comes out and morphs back into Lelouch]
    Lelouch-"Now if you"ll excuse us"*Lelouch and Vail disappear into mist*
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