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a close eye

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Lelouch-"I am Lelouch Lamperouge.I am 10th commander of Organization.And you are?"
    Vail-''I am Vail Hiruko,Rank 21 Assassin....What do u want?"
    Lelouch-"I was sent here to persuade you to come and join The Organization.What do u say?"
    Lelouch-"Why not.Tell me why do u stay here?To protect ur family?No,u don't have one.To have fun?It doesn't
    seem like ur having fun.With us you can put your miserable life to use."*gestures his hand out to Vail*
    Vail-thinks~he's right.Why do i stay here?*tear goes down his eye*
    Lelouch*wipes it off*"Let us help you"
    [Vail takes Lelouch's hand agreeing to work for The Organization....]
  2. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aki(grabs drinks for ever and takes off her apron waving to her boss) "bye ill work for you next season" "her yall go two amber pints! so i just can get over you two! you guys are so cute!
    Aura(sighs and rolls eyes and downs the pint with worry in her eyes) "sis i know ...we know ..but right now i feel a disturbance.....and Lucas i think we shouldnt leave the Assassins Aid. i can still read thoughts and theres trouble brewiinng"
    Aki(sighs and gets up)"well could i stay with you guys this is my last pay until next season. i cant pay the OLE inn fee forever!!!! Lucas is that fine with you or are you tired of her relatives being around."
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Iris(growls and snaps changing into wolf form)"Lelouch you enhanced yourself with that toxin !!! you wont get away with this !!! Ecspecailly as you being more of a leech than you already are!! you exprimented on us seeing if you could hybreed us !! making us Werevamps!!!! instead it just made us stronger!"(goes right for Lelouch's heart and stops vail from going with him)
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    ~back at the pub~
    Aki(runs out the door and looks down the street smelling the air)
    Aura(follows and pulls Lucas with her with her ears back and tail bushy)
    Aki(growls and puts her ears down)"Lelouch isnt dead sis"
    Aura(growls louder )"I THOUGHT I KILLED THAT PSYHCO LEECH!!!!!
    Aki(gets pissed) "not unless he used the vamp serum!"
    Aura/Aki(start howling a deep errie howls that sends chills down spines and waits for a return
    Iris(runs quickly towards the pub)
    Iris(pants and growls *in wolf skin*) come on hurry up!!
    Aura and aki go around the corner and take off their dresses and hang them up
    Aura/Aki/Iris *together*UNITED WE ARE ONE!!
    all change into one big 100ft wolf
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas thinks *how do i manage to get dragged into these things?* sips on his drink. slowly enjoying the flavor while watching the wolf take shape. *as far as Aki living with us i guess she's better to be around than Iris haha.* Sighs *ah...thats a little rude. He's just concerned for his family. I can't blame a man for that. His methodology might be a bit extreme, but his cause is an admirable one. One can not have a greater calling in life than to protect the ones they love.* Puts down the drink and stretches a little. *I'd better head down and stand by in case they need back up.* Black wings erupt from Lucas' back, his sword splits in two again and a black mist seems to surround him. *They should be fine, i'll only jump in if it looks like my Aura might get hurt.*
  7. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    ~all are ONE big wolf~
    they together are called the
    Beikoku ōkami
    (united wolf)
    there have been many of this transformation
    they are the last in their generation
    Beikoku ōkami
    - (leaps 4 times (1 mile) and reaches LeLouch's location and growls at him)"you are no match for our kind even if you altered us to your liking!!"
    we will have to fight ..the WINNER LIVES!!! and that will BE US!!! RAAAWWWRR!! GGGGRRROOWWLL!! *SNAP!*(snaps at lelouch's head dodges his punch) "why do you still want us havent you had enough toying with our DNA!!!!(takes off his arm with their large jaws and muzzle is bloody)
  8. Kaleohano
    Lucas sneaks behind Lelouch. Theres a flash and lucas is suddenly behind Beikoku, a trail of dust behind him. Lelouch is motionless. then his body splits across his waist. and the two halves of him begin to fall to the ground. Lucas shouts "AURA NOW! BEFORE HE HEALS HIMSELF!"
  9. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    ~all of them remember!!~
    Beikoku okami(lunges forward and slices him into bits and blows hot fire breath on Lelouch's severed body)"BURN LEECH BURN!!!! youre finished!!"
    ice starts to form aroud Lelouch and he starts to form again and punchs all joints around the Beikoku okami
    Beikokuokami(whimpers and cant move for a while and then growls and whines again)"we're not finished with you just yet!"(gets up and goes at him while taking a huge punch in the stomach that sends pain through the body)AAHH RRAAAAWWRR!!!!!!!! GGRROOWWLSS YYYEEEELLPP!!!!
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Beikoku okami(whines and gets back up again picking lelouch off guard by the head and tossing him over 1 mile) DIE WHY WONT YOU DIE!!!!!!
    Lelouch runs back super fast clipping the Beikoku by the paw and strangley transforming into a strange wolf like beast*100ft as well*
    killing an aprentice assassin in the process
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