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a close eye

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    {In The Front Office}
    [Sizary and Dante are walking down the hall]
    Dante-''Do u think Lucas was hard on Vail?''
    Sizary-''What do u mean?''
    Dante''In the morning Vail threatened Lucas and Aura.Lucas gave Vail a serious talk and Vail has been
    taking it really seriously lately.''*Dante thinks to himself*''Lucas should keep his mouth shut.He doesn't know
    what Vail's been through!Lucas thinks he's so tough just because he's successful even though his family's dead!Vail grew
    up being hated from the start!Vail grew up trusting no one.He sees the world as a empty place where no love exists.And Lucas
    has to just go off and put him down even more!''
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-''Why do u care so much about Vail if he doesn't even like u as a friend or a brother?''
    Dante-''Even if Vail doesn't like me i'll still take care of him as if he were my own flesh and blood.''
    Vail-*hears Sizary and Dante and starts crying*

    (Vail wipes away tears as Sizary and Dante come down the hall)
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    (Dante and Sizary are back with Vail in the hall)
    Dante-''We got the mission slip now it's time to go.''
    Suki-''Wait i wanna go too!It get's boring around here.
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura(points to a pub and pulls Lucas along)im thirsty i want a quick pint!!(sees her sister serving others)Omg thats her !!OMG she looks like mom! (tries not to cry)
    Lucas doesnt she look like an angel?"(sits down in a both)
    Aki(glances over to her left and sees Aura and Lucas) Sis is that you! its been a few. hey whos this cutie(aura blushes)wait let me guess youre Lucas! im Aki amber okami!you guys are so cute. i bet brother isnt to thrilled ! becareful i know you wont hurt lucas but Iris will so be careful qwith your brother. i cant stand him either but its important not to fight with him"
    Aura(looks worried)yeah i remember he tore your Ex to bits and left him bloody on the street
    Aki(sighs)he did deserve it though. he forced me to you know. saying if you love me youll do this~~ .i refused and he raped me and then our brother changed to wolf skin and killed him.but our brother is really clingy and protective. you guys can live with me if you cant take the OLE inn
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    {Meanwhile Vail,Suki,Sizary,Hinge,and Dante running on the town roofs looking for the villian they are supposed to assassinate}
    [Sizary and Vail go north and Suki and Dante go south]
    Vail-''Sizary.How do u know that Lucas and Aura didn't just leave?How can u trust them?''
    Sizary-''I hope they didn't.I know i can trust them.After all they saved me from a mob of guards.''*gives a weak smile*
    Vail-thinks~should i trust them?*looks at Sizary* If i can trust Sizary i can trust anyone.But that guy.*thinks about
    Lucas* Could I trust him?Dante trusts anyone.Is it only because he loves Sizary or does he trust anyone?
    Sizary-''Hey Vail.We're friends right?''*smiles*
    Vail*stops walking*
    Sizary-''what's wrong?''
    Vail-thiks~she cares?does she like me?Or am i getting ahead of myself.She never confessed her love to Dante.
    Maybe i have a shot at this.But can i defy my brother?
  6. Kaleohano
    "oh wow. she really is pretty!" Looks at Aura with loving eyes "But she still pales in comparison to you."

    Aki-Sis is that you!...meeting guys can live with me if you cant take the OLE inn.

    "Its nice to meet you Aki. It seems that word of my name travels faster than i thought. However, i shall still properly introduce myself. I go by many titles but you, Aki, may know me as Lucas Martin the Traveler" takes Akis hand and bends down to lightly kiss it. Then stands up again and looks straight into her eyes "and be rest assured that i'll do everything In my power to take good care of your sister." Looks down at Aura and smiles "I believe that Aura-chan came here for a drink. Shall we sit down and exchange pleasantries for a while?"
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-''Um Vail?''
    Vail-*snaps out of his trance*''huh?''
    Sizary-''What happened?''
    Vail*blushes*''Nothing let's just keep going.''
    [awkward silence]
    Vail-''Sizary do u have feelings for anyone.?''
    Sizary-''what do u mean?''
    Vail-''Do anyone?''
    Sizary-*blushes*''No.I don't love anyone.why?''
    Vail-*cups Sizary's face*(shyly)''...because i do''
    Sizary-''wait!What are you doing?Dante likes me.What if he get's mad?''
    Vail-''You just said u didn't love anyone.Maybe u can consider me...''
    Vail-*uncups Sizary's face* ''Let's finish our mission.Then i'll deal with u'' i have to choose between Dante or Vail?Troublesome people>.>
  8. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [During the mission]
    Sizary-''Dang it where is that villian?''
    {meanwhile with Dante and Suki}
    Suki-''There!There he is!Come on Dante!''
    Dante-''Wait we need a sneek attack!Here i'll go a far distance and shoot him with my wrist gun.Then you come and
    carry the body away.''
    Suki-''Got it.''
    *Dante shoots the villian and then Suki takes away the body*
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Dante-''I'll take the body to the Assassin's HQ.You go get Sizary and Vail.''
    Suki-''Dang you don't need to be bossy u know!''
    Dante-''just go.''
    {Meanwhile with Sizary and Vail}
    Sizary*panting*''We'll never find this guy.''
    Vail-''Let's take a break.''
    *Vail sits on top of a tree while Sizary sits underneath it*
    *Vail accidentally falls off the tree landing on Sizary*
    *Vail sees blood on Sizary's cheek*
    Sizary''It's ok''
    Vail-*gets a weird plan then he licks Sizary's cheek*
    *Sizary blushes*
    Vail-thinks~I think she liked it...
    Sizary-thinks~eww his tongue went on my cheek! >^<
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    *Vail rests his head on Sizary's neck closing his eyes taking a rest*
    Sizary-thinks~oh my god what the heck is he doing? O-O
    (Suki comes and sees Vail resting on Sizary)
    Suki-''aww ain't that cute!''
    Vail *gets off Sizary*''ok let's go"
    Sizary-thinks~At least he's off me*phew*

    [Back At The Assassin's HQ]
    (Vail is burying the dead bodies of the villians)
    #p.s some villains are vampires,organization leaders,etc#
    (Sizary,Dante,Suki,Hinge and Cloud are inside talking)
    Vail*sees that one body has something in it's mouth,It looks like an arrow*
    Vail-''What the heck is that"*takes a closer look*
    {Then the arrow goes in Vail's mouth and Vail's eyes suddenly darken}
    [Vail struggles but get's it out of his mouth,Then that arrow morphs into a human like body]
    [It turns out to be Lelouch!]
    Vail-*unsheathes wrist blades*"who r u?"
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