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A change in heart <3

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  1. Kaleohano
    Lucas is enjoying a few drinks and idle conversation with Aura now that the situation has died down a little while Hinge regains his composure. Lucas and Aura are both starting to feel a bit drunk. "I din-mean to, but i ended up kic'ing Cloud so hard in teh head dat he got knocked uncon...un.. uhhh...unconscious!" Aura and Laugh till their stomachs begin to hurt. Then lucas notices hinge who hasn't moved at all the entire time they've been drinking. Lucas leans toward Aura and whispers in her hear "I thhhink you may have been a lil too hard on teh Hinge. You said he had a bad past, no? Go ovr theah, an tell'im he still your friend an you love'im as such...I'd go tell'im myself...but ah think he'd killme if he got the op...opportunity."
    Looks at his empty cup. "I would have another drink, but you seem evn worse off'n me! Someones gotta help carry you to your room. And'I still have business with cloud tooo...a'attend to once i safely deliver you there."
  2. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(scoffs )he knows im drunk..i can just speak more fuently though....(walks over to hinge)hey im sorry you knows what liquour does to me
    hinge(sobs)no im sorry i was the real baka here ..i know its your life i know you can make youre choices i just dont want you to get hurt youve been before in many ways. i just dont want you to go crazy and hurt lucas thats all
    aura(closes eyes and sighs) dont remind me about what happened to your cousin!
    hinge(gets up and stands in front of aura)im sorry tell lucas i am too!
    aura(hugs hinge)dude i love you but not in a mate way a caring way you have to understand my boundries bud
    Hinge(goes up to his room and sleeps)
    aura(smiles at lucas and sexily walks towards him)hey lets go up to our room lucas~~
  3. Kaleohano
    Lucas looks Aura over slightly confused. then grins
    "heh heh heh, you said iz our room. Not just iz your room. Want meh to bring one of the barrels withuss?"

    "By the way, good job telling Hinge how you felt. Sssometimes they gotta hear somethsing evn if they don'like it at frurst. He'll com to thank you eventually."
  4. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizray(sitting behind Aura and Lucas hears Aura say ''let's go to our room'' becomes wide eyed)
    (Dante sees Sizary shocked and starts blushing)

    Dante-(sits next to Sizary)''It's ok i know they won't do anything...I hope''
    Sizary-(just sits there shocked about what Aura and Lucas might do)
    Dante-*pulls sizary into a hug*''don't be scare,it's all right''
    Dante-''You guys go ahead and leave i'll try and comfort Sizary''
    (Just as Lucas get's up Cloud runs behind him and knocks him to the ground)
    Cloud-''Hah!W-what now!? You guys better n-not ~do it~ or i'll...i'll...''(falls on the floor unconscious because of being drunk)
  5. Kaleohano
    Lucas stands up feeling the back of his head. The sudden shock seems to have sobered him up a little bit. "Damn, he hits harder than i thought. Well done Clou..." Sees Cloud passed out on the floor. "Oh, well you have yourself a nice nap." Then turns around and notices Auras concerned look. "Don't worry, i'm perfectly fine. I'm not as fragile as you might think." Smiles to reassure Aura of his well being and then motions toward the stairs "Shall we?"
  6. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura(blushes and gigles under her breath and whispers into lucas's ear)~&quot;catch me it you can!&quot;~(bends into a crouch to give you some fanservice and books up to the room tail bushy and eyes green)aura still running and watches you still coming after her and runs into the bathroom in the roomAura(changes into a lolita nighty and tousles hair)&quot;~where are you cutie?~&quot; aura(looks out window for a sec)sees you enter grining at her)
  7. Kaleohano
    "You know little miss Aura, you might want to have your nose looked at. I'm surprised you had a hard time smelling the blood inside me." Closes eyes and slowly releases breath causing his body to change.

    "Sorry i didn't have the opportunity to show you earlier. But Lucas 'The Traveling Wolf' has more than just a few people out for him and i needed to take precautions accordingly."
    Smles and takes advantage of Auras stunned reaction to move in and whisper "Daisuki, Aura-chan. I'm so sorry for not showing you earlier. You are so beautiful" Then leans in to kiss her
  8. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura(whispers)well you look sexy!!! (bites your lip gently and a sexy growl comes from her throat) i think this is going to work! and also safety first!(pulls a small 2 inch sq package from the dresser drawer) here ya go (gestures you to the bathroom)
    goes and lies on bed and sees that you put on protection and slowy takes off nighty and has undergarments on and blushing and tail poofy)
    aura(voice lowers)come here~~ lets make this time last
  9. Kaleohano
    (Fast forward to the next morning because details concerning this night are probably not allowed on this forum)

    Lucas wakes up slowly and sees Aura still sleeping. He wraps his arms around her a little tighter. *I wonder what happens now...She's the one. Its something I've always known. Even before our second meeting just over a month ago...after our memory was meddled with. I do wonder how things would have turned out had the organ...* his thoughts are interrupted as aura stirs and wakes up. Lucas smiles "Well good morning my beautiful sunshine."
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura(yawns and stetches)"moring ~~"(gets up really fast)"damn i have to pee !"(runs to the bathroom)*what did we do last night i cant remember and why? i just love him now!*(walks out of bathroom blushing and noticing shes ole natural)"well this is just umm..(blushes) *why is he looking at me like that*(sees lucas grinning at her) "so lucas i cant remember mostly what happened last night. i i remember is me kissing you and ~you know~ well im getting a shower want to save water ?"
    (grinns at you and you both take shower together and get dressed )"love this new assassin outfit i bought yesterday?"

    (smiles at lucas andd grabs his hand)" lets see what the others are doing."
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