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A change in heart <3

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  1. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    new chapter
    aura just helped finish off the organization leader and starts to become confused on who she loves as she is caught in a love triangle.
    hinge starts to dislike lucas do to his attraction towards aura
    dante draws closer towards sizary
  2. Kaleohano
    Lucas and aura have both reverted to their normal human forms. The only difference being a strange tattoo on the bottom of each of their wrists.

    Lucas is sitting at the inn playing with the mark on his wrist "I don't know what this means exactly. Surely its linked to the transformation we both went through...But like it though. Its like a special little bond we share." Looks up and smiles at Aura. She gives back an awkward, almost nervous smile after looking up from her own wrist.
    Lucas resumes rubbing the mark on his wrist "So...Aura-chan, now that the leader of the organization is done for, what's next?" Briefly shoots her a questioning look. "And what about the others? They're all assassins aren't they? Would they even be free to travel with us?"
    Lucas notices Hinge staring at him intensely "Is there something the matter Hinge?"
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    hinge(eyes turn red)-she has wolf blood she can't be with you!!!! aura you know its true even though you two share the bond of balance doesn't mean a thing!!(fangs show and overbite his lip causing dots of blood to form from his lips)aura it will slowly damage you if you're with him!
    lucas you can't elope with her ..she will kill you !! its happened before and i don't wanna see either of you two die!!!(cries and cringes)i can't stand this pain anymore the pain of my closest dying.....(cries himself to sleep and dreams about his mother and father being killed by the organization)

    Aura(looks in worry towards Hinge)-he has had a sad life. and its true we can't be together unless you have wolf blood and you don't have any ...but we share this balance bond or what ever that must mean something right?*hopefully these two won't fight!*the assassins have always protected our kind."
  4. Kaleohano
    Lucas, slightly taken back by what he's heard, keeps silent for a moment while he gathers his thoughts. "Who said anything about us eloping? I want us all to continue our journey together." Pauses again shortly trying to ask his question in a respectful manner. "why...why is it that i need the blood of a wolf for us to be together? And what does Hinge mean by you'll kill me? And why do you call it a balance or bund...didn't you say that you loved me back there?"
  5. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Cloud comes in the room]
    Cloud(says with a sarcastic voice)-''Looky looky a love triangle ain't it romantic?''
    Cloud-''I want u guys to know that the Assassins aren't exactly the good guys.''
    Cloud-''Let me explain.We assassins serve the common good.But as we assassinate villians,civilians see us as a threat.As a result
    wolf clans came to kill us.But with the new evil organization the wolves became extinct.We owe our lives to the Organization.
    Even though we owe our lives to them the Organization has also brought more villians.Overall we kill villians but at the same time
    we add more Organization members.''
  6. Kaleohano
    Lucas can't help but to allow a tone of petulance creep into his voice "Cloud, go to bed. You sound like you've been drinking too much again. You're not making any sense. You say you owe your life to the Organization, yet you sent Sizary to kill its leader. You say the wolves are there to kill you assassins, yet Hinge is one of you, and Aura is just sitting here innocent as ever. Finally, just how in the hell is this relevant to what Aura and I were discussing?"
    Lucas noticas he's been grabbing the edge of his seat tighter and forces himself to relax.
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Cloud-''I just heard you talking about assassins and i thought you should know.And i'm not drunk!''
    [blush comes to Clouds face] Cloud(covers his face)-''Maybe just a little''

  8. Kaleohano
    "Do not be embarrassed. To be honest i could use a little drink myself. I find that a small drink at the end of a long day takes the edge off nicely. What do you have?"
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Cloud-''There's a difference in what type of drink you have?''(tries to have a seat next to Lucas but accidentally falls off the chair)
    [Sizary Hinge and Dante come in the room]
    Dante-''what's up u guys?Cloud drunk again,not a surprise.''
    Cloud-''aw come on Dante u should have a try''
    Unknown Person-''Cut it out Cloud.''
    [Cloud turns around] Cloud-''why are u always such a downer Suki?''
    Suki(looks at Cloud)-''and y are u such a drunk head.And who are these people!?''(says getting mad at Cloud)
    Dante-''they're our friends.We're gonna help them find a friend of theirs.''
    [Suki sees the wolf symbol on their wrists and clutches her fist]
    Suki-''Can i speak to u Dante for a second?''
    Dante-''what's up?''
    Suki(hits Dante on the head)''what are u thinking bringing wolf clans into our territory!If the Leader finds out we're dead!''
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-thinks~i hope Dante's ok...
    (Suki looks like this)

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