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The Brave

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary*turns wide eyed and angered*''DON'T TOUCH THEM!''*stabs Lelouch and kicks him 20 feet in the air then punches him downward causing him to crash down in the concrete*
    Lelouch*crawls out of the hole*'I see u kill when u get mad.I'd s-say t-that you're the m-monster..'
    [Lelouch dies on the ground]
    [Sizary tilts her head down while staring at her hands]
    Sizary'W-what did i just do?
  2. Kaleohano
    Lucas at first is startled by this sudden outburst from Aura, He then relaxes and upon wrapping his arms around her, Lucas also sprouts white feathered wings from his back.

    Thinks for aura to hear *Daisuki...Aura-chan* then backs off a little to look into her beautiful blue eyes.
    "Like an angel without wings, without you, I am incomplete. Daisuki"
  3. Kaleohano
    After a moment of silence and just enjoying Auras company as she lay huddled by his side, Lucas sits up. "Aura...You are by far the most captivating person i've ever met. You're a wolf demigod that now first turned into a demon and now and angel. And to top it off" Lucas motions toward his own wings, "You have somehow caused me to get these as well." smiles at Aura.
    "But I must ask you, do you remember anything of the time before you were captured by the organization? i want to try and figure out what got you noticed by them in the first place."
    after a brief pause lucas says "Oh, and i would request something of you..." gently lifts Auras head by her chin so she was looking straight into Lucas' eyes "You will never cry as long as i'm here with you. I won't let anything happen to you and anything that has happened is in the past. do you understand me? You will not cry." Softly kisses her on the forehead before embracing her.
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    Aura(cries but theyre tears of joy)-"i just remeberd the organization screwed with my mind .. ijust rembered you saved me from them and so did Dante and Hinge and Sizary befopre her memory was erased by them. my chest hurts and i sense trouble ..wait look over there!"(looks at sizary fighting with the organization leader)lucas look dante over there bleeding i can hear him moaning in pain!!but wheres hinge?"(a deep growl comes from auras throat and then she howls at the organization leader) "DONT YOU EVER HURT THE PEOPLE I LOVE> YOURE THE REAL MONSTER HERE NOTME!! THATS WHAT YOUALWAYS TOLD. BUT AS YOU LOOK AT ME NOW IM INVINSIBLE!!!!"(ears perk up and tail becomes bushy eyes glow a bright emerald green)*why does he still want me?! that leader has no business dealing with us!!*(clothes tear off and changes into wolf skin again with the angel wings still sprouting from her back and dives down on the the leader with her jaws open agape)
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
  6. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
  7. Kaleohano
    *Is that man still alive? I can't tell from this distance. I'd better be ready just in case he is.*
    Wings turn black and lucas draws his sword then splits it in two.

    Lucas doesn't want aura to see him like this unless the situation demands his intervention, so he stays far enough away to avoid catching her attention, but close enough to be by her side at a moments notice.
  8. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-''It's ok he's dead...''
    [Cloud struggles to get up] Cloud-''It's ok Sizary it wasn't ur fault it was for the good of the people.He was
    wanted for kidnapping and murder.U did something good.''
    Sizary-thinks~I'm a can i protect if i get mad easily?
    Dante-''Hey!U guys haven't forgotten about me have u?''*yells in pain*
    [Cloud walks over to Dante seeing that he has a tear in his chest]

    [Hinge is found wrapped around a tree hurt;everyone is taken to the Assassin's HQ]
    [Sizary has a couple of bandages on her chest,Dante too and Cloud has a broken arm]
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Cloud and Hinge go outside to train and become stronger]
    [Dante sits and draws near a tree while Sizary sits next to him]
    Sizary-''I'm sorry''
    Dante-''For what''
    Sizary-''For getting u hurt''
    Dante-''It's ok i'm not mad''
    Sizary-''But u would be if u didn't love me.''
    Dante-*stares shocked at Sizary*
    Sizary-''Why do u like me?''
    Dante-''I have different emotions.Those emotions seem to be attracted to u...'''m...*leans towards Dante*...not''

    [Sizary pulls away but Dante pulls he back causing Dante to fall on her]
    Dante-''I know it's hard for u to understand this feeling,let me help u''
    [Dante gently kisses Sizary while she spits out blood because she's remembering too much]
    [Dante kisses her with her bloody lips]
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    (lelouch gets up off the ground and his wounds start to heal)Aura(growls at him and lunges forward)why wont you stay dead forever!!!!!!(clips lelouch in the shoulder biting down hard andhe dies quickly)*all i had to do was bite him?*(mouth bloody and looksup at lucas from behind her)Lucas wow youre youre amazing!!!(flies up to him changing to ole natural form)
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