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The Brave

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Side Note:I guess he got healed when we got to the Assassin's HQ.I was in a rush sorry.....
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Meanwhile with Lucas and Aura....]
  3. Kaleohano
    Sidenote just on writing rules that Luv and i Agreed on
    *...* means its a characters thoughts
    "..." means its dialogue
    ... (no signs around the writing at all) means its narration.
    helps simplify the whole thing.
  4. Kaleohano
    Sitting next to the fire, leaning against a tree stump with Auras head resting on his lap. She's been asleep for a few hours now, but Lucas can't seem to find any rest. Remembering who she was earlier had shaken him and he has yet to fully recover from it. Thinks to himself *How could i forget? So much happened between us...How can i remember everything thats happened to me. All these little adventures. How do i remember them but forget that she was there with me on almost all of them. I've traveled the world an been convinced that I did it all on my own. But thats not true. She was there for almost all of it.*
  5. Kaleohano
    Aura stirs and Lucas touches her forehead. Her temperature was back to normal. *Good that means we can leave whenever she wakes up.* Spends a while studying Auras face. She was quite beautiful. and even the horns now sprouting out of her head were not enough to take away from any of her beauty. Then Lucas thinks *Why were we always on the move back then? I can't seem to remember when or how she got kidnapped by this organization.* Trying to remember the details of his past, Lucas realizes that there is still much of his memory missing. All he seems to have is small hints *I wonder if the time was around the same time she was captured...*
    Lucas unknowingly grabs a hold of Auras hand as he falls asleep...
  6. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-Thinks*I hope Lucas and Aura are ok*[sits out on the edge of the balcony staring at the moon]
    Cloud-[pops out from below the balcony]''Boo!'
    Sizary''Ahh!''[falls out of the balcony into a pool below][shivers and shakes]''w-wat was that f-for?''
    Cloud''U seemed bored so i thought i'd drop by and say hello''
    Sizary''U j-jerk'
    Dante[comes outside] ''Wat's going on?''[sees Sizary freezing cold]''Cloud what did u do!?''[helps Sizary out]
    [Sizary accidentally takes Dante and Cloud in the pool]
    Cloud''Look what u did u got my wing wet!'
    Sizary[crawls out of the pool]''t-that wat u get'
    [Sizary goes to her room searching 4 clothes 2 change into]
    Sizary[takes clothes out of the closet]''This'll have to do''
    [Dante comes in]''Hey i'm sorry about the pool incident''[sees Sizary covering herself with curtains]
    Sizary''Ever heard of knocking?'[Dante blushes]
    Dante''I'm so sorry It's just that i felt really bad about wat happened''
    Dante''Well good night.''
    Sizary''Good night''
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Cloud[sees Sizary walking outside]''Hey Sizary,It's time to help us with a mission.
    You stayed a night now it's time to pay ur rent''
    Hinge[picks up mission slip]~Track Down Lelouch Lamperouge
    Dante-''Well let's get to it before we run out of time to meet Lucas and Aura''
    Hinge''Cloud you head north.Sizary and Dante head south and west.I'll go east.We all meet back here in 2 hours''

    Lelouch Lamperouge

    Another Picture of Cloud
  8. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(rubs eyes and yawns making a sound that sounds like a puppy yawning)what i miss?! back hurts(stretches wings and tail) oh hel~lo Lucas! where is everyone? theres has been to many thoughts of others running through my mind.(horns start to disappear but wings stay and grow feathers and eyes are a bright crystal blue looks at lucas with loving eyes)Lucas ,T..thank you you've really been much help *should i kiss him? would it be right to?* i think you deserve something from me..i..ive been alone for to long and sad for quite some (get up and looks at lucas and is nervous) i um i umum...i DIA SUKI!!!!!(flies off into the nearest tree blushing and crying)
    (talks to you telepathically)*lucas...i do..youve been there with me through it all and i realized dia suki .
    ~gently holds lucas's face in her gentle angelic hands and leans in and ~kisses you~
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Meanwhile On The Mission]
    Sizary-''I see him!He's heading under that bridge!Dante you go to the other side and we'll trap him''
    Dante-''Go it!''
    Sizary-thinks~wow,it's pretty dark in here.Yells~''Come out Lelouch!''*unsheaths sword*
    [Sizary feels arm wrap around her neck while a knife if held up to her neck as well]
    [Sizary kicks whoever was holding her and jabs her wrist blade into them]
    Sizary-''Got you!''[lights up room using a chakra ball seeing it was actually Cloud that she hit]
    Sizary-''C-CLOUD!?''*wide eyed*
    Cloud-''s-stupid girl''

    Lelouch-*laughs eveily*''hahaha,2 down 1 to go.''
    Sizary-''What did u do 2 Dante!?''
    Lelouch-''Isn't it obvious? I took him out already when u guys made the plan 2 hunt me down!''
    Lelouch-''I made myself look just like that weak fool.And now ur next''
  10. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary'U MONSTER!'*runs towards Lelouch*
    *Lelouch stabs Sizary with a knife causing her 2 fall on the floor*
    Lelouch'Ain't that weird?You just came 2 me without even being armed.When u feel comfortable and love
    people it makes u do things just like u did.Can i ask u something?Do u know Aura?'
    Sizary*clutches her wound that is around her stomach* 'wat about h-her?''
    Lelouch-''Do u care 4 her and Lucas?'
    Sizary-''No weak people care about others'
    Lelouch*whispers in Sizary's ear* ''Wat if i told u that i wanted 2 experiment on them just like my brother did?'
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