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The Brave

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    ~New chapter~

    Aura turned into a creature with cool wings.
    Dante is hurt.
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-*holds Dante in her arms* ''It's ok we'll find a medic.''
    Dante-''w-we c-can't we're assassins remember?People k-kill us for a r-reward''
    Sizary-thinks~dang it.i don't have anymore potions.We need to help Dante fast.
  3. Kaleohano
    This is what Lucas looks like

    "How exactly would anyone know he's an assassin? Just take his weapons off him. Theres a town only about an hour down the road. The problem however is aura. People will think she's a demon and panic with the way she looks right now."
    thinks for a moment
    "Ok. Aura and I will navigate around the town and wait at its southern end while you two go to a hospital inside the town. Hinge Can you help them?" thinks so that only Hinge and Aura could hear *I know you don't want to leave Aura alone, especially with me, but there is an important matter i would like to discuss in private with her while you three are in town. So could you please go with them?*
  4. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-''What happened to just taking Dante's weapons and leaving him to die?!''
    Sizary-''All you care about is taking care of your precious Aura and leaving the rest of us to die!''
    Sizary-*glows green while her whole hair changes white permanently and eye starts glowing red*

    Sizary-*lunges towards Lucas but Hinge tackles her to the ground*
    Sizary-''Ag! Let me go!''
  5. Kaleohano
    "Thank you Hinge. You seem to have misunderstood me Sizary. I said you should take his weapons off him so he doesn't look like an assassin when you take him to the hospital. Use your head woman. And yes, Aura is my primary concern. Do you have a problem with that? She's the one under my protection. I am here mainly for her. You all came afterward. But don't think for a minute that that means I don't care about you guys. I wouldn't be suggesting that Aura and i wait for you on the other side of town if i didn't care."
    Walks to Sizary ad looks her in the eyes
    "Now please, give either me or Higne your, and Dantes weapons and get him to the hospital. Every second we waste here arguing amongst ourselves is a second closer to him losing his life."
  6. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-''But our assassin suits!People will notice we're assassins because of our suits.''
    Dante-''I-I can at least make it to the sh-shop and buy some clothes.L-Lucas go do whatever you need
    to do,Sizary,Hinge,and I will make it through the village and m-meet you at the end of the village.''

    [Sizary,Dante,and Hinge go to the store and dress up to look regular]
    Dante new suit!<3

    Sizary's new suit! >.<

    Hinge's new suit! O-O

  7. Kaleohano
    "Sounds good. Go head into town right now. Aura and i will be staying here until she is strong enough to go to the other end of town. Good luck you guys. we'll be waiting near the edge of the forest. By the way, you should look into bringing some sort of liquor with you. it might help to make this whole journey a little less tense."
  8. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Sizary-thinks~ what a drunk>.> Maybe we can try fighting guards while everything is blury.Not on my watch....
    Dante-''I don't drink.Hope you and Aura have luck.Let's go you guys''
    [Its starts snowing:It's November]
    [Sizary,Dante,and Hinge are walking around town]

    Sizary-''Gee it sure is cold''
    Dante-''Hey Sizary.You cold?''*starts taking off jacket*
    Sizary-''No,i'm fine you don't need to give me your jacket''
    Dante-''Well we made it 1 fourth of the way we should find a place to stay''
    *Dante whistles while raising his hand in the air*
    *assassin comes from a building*
    Cloud(assassin)-''Hey Hinge,Dante!I see you've brought a..friend?''
    Dante-''It's *gulps* Sizary''
    Cloud-''Hah nice one.''
    ~Hinge and Dante serious face~
    Cloud-Oh,well,the Assassin's HeadQuarters is right this way
  9. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    [Assassin's Headquarters]
    Cloud-Hey.Dante where's Sizary?
    Dante-She's in her room.
    [Sizary's Room]
    Sizary-*looks out the window*''I wish i could remember''
    Ack!*spits out blood*
    Cloud-Woah you better sit down.*sets Sizary on the bed*
    Cloud-You know it's really great to have u back.
    Sizary-Thank you sir.Man i wish could have seen ur friend Aura.
    People say she's the beautifulest thing in the world.
    Well good night.

    [cloud looks llike this]
  10. Kaleohano
    Side note: I though dante was the one who got injured?
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