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memories that look on love

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  1. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Dante*cups Sizarys face again and leans in*
    Sizary*pushes Dante away* Do you think im stupid?
    Sizary-Only an idiot would believe that! *walks away*
    Dante''No stop it's true!Haven't you noticed that when you met Hinge
    and me you spitted out blood? And that your chest began to hurt?
    Thats because you started remembering and without your heart to help
    fill those memories it caused you pain!'' *grabs Sizary's wrist*
    ''Please don't go''
    Sizary 'Why should i believe you?''
    Dante*sees another mysterious monster come from the ground*
    Monster runs towards Sizary and Dante
    Dante-*sees Sizary stiffen and unable to attack again*
    Dante-thinks~she can't attack because it causes her more pain*pushes Sizary out of the way causing him to get a hug claw jolted in him*
    Sizary-''Dante!''*holds him as he's injured* ''Why'd you do that!?''*tears spilling over her eyes*
    Dante-b-because i *blood drips over his mouth*
    Sizary-*cries holding Dante*
    monster goes away laughing evily
  2. Kaleohano
    "What just happened? Why is he bleeding like that?" Leans closer to Aura and whispers "Do you have any idea whats going on? It looked to me like they were fighting something that i was unable to see."
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(eye glare a violet purple and a growl grows deeply in her chest) "t..the o..organization is planning something. (looks at dante and hand begins to change to its scythe like claws and a bloodcurdling scream comes from her throat)D..dante!!! saw them too right? Hinge you did too!!!A...aahh...a...hhh...aaah...w..hhhyyyy!!(get s up and black leathry wings sprout from her back and the sprouting areas begin to bleed) Lucas!!!! Sizary!!...H..Hinge!!! D..dante!! (voice deepens into a sensual smooth tone and skin starts to have swirlly tattoo like markings)the pain is gone finally~ (eyes are deep purple and two black horns one her forhead) so..the organization set me up with that monster they knew i would have this reaction with the snarvel worm!!"
    ~end of chapter~
  4. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    what aura looks like kinda of*

    what hinge looks like*
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