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memories that look on love

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  1. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura has blacked out and needs attention .......others try to awaken her
  2. Kaleohano
    "Aaaauuura-chan!? If me and Hinge are such perverts, you should probably not pass out around us."
    *Seems like scaring her out of it doesn't work*
    Hinge- ""
  3. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    hinge-"dude its nota time for jokes she blackout before and didnt wake uo for 4 days...just watching her wither and scream wasnt pleasant...the organization has tortured us through many different ways....and i dont like seeing her like this (sees tears in demetris eyes) neither does my brother
  4. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    (p.s his name is Dante!And we haven't found him yet!He'll come in the story in a while>.>)

    ''Does this usually happen?Oh!I know the antidote for fear!....pain...''
    *takes out pocket knife*''Don't worry Aura-san i'm hurting you because i
    love you''*holds pocket knife up to Aura's face*
    *starts sweating* I-i can't do it!
    *throws pocket knife in the bushes*

    *hears rustling in the bushes*
    *gasps* ''What was that!?''
    *takes out wrist blades*
    ''Stay back i'll handle this.In the meanwhile,snap
    Aura out of it''

    (Suddenly someone comes out of the bushes)
    Hinge-Dante it's you.Quick come help us with Aura
    Sizary-thinks~great more perverts
    (Suddenly Sizary feels a massive pain in her chest)
    Sizary-Ack!Dang it not again*spits out blood then falls to the ground*
    Hinge-What happened!
    Sizary-Don't mind me this is normal...i-i think.Aura needs more help!
  5. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(smells blood and wakes up)-im o...okay
  6. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura-"did i black out again?! HOW MANY DAYS?!(starts to cry)...i can't deal with this pain!"(glances at Hinge)
    *im cold ...please warm me?*
    Hinge(lies down next to aura)" its okay we all care for you. (strokes her red layered hair) sizary do you have any clothes of hers? i know she weres lolls dresses where are they?.....undergarments as well(blushes).....aura just rest thats what you need right now."
  7. Kaleohano
    "Everyone is already in a losing themselves. excuse me for trying to calm everyone down by lightening the mood. You'd be surprised how someones body can react simply through the emotio..."
    Shoots a worried look at Auras eyes, they weren't as brilliantly blue as usual.
    Then lucas realizes something about her and his mind is flooded with memories. He then then takes his jacket off and puts it over her.
    "This will have to do till Sizary finds you some clothes. You've only been out for a few minutes. Just relax and let us take care of you."
  8. Kaleohano
    Sits down next to Aura and Hinge, touching her forehead to to check for a fever.
    "My god! you're burning up! Dante, take a shirt, soak it in water and then bring it to me. Sizary, make some sort of pillow for her. We can't force her to walk till this fever dies down some."
    Dante returns with the soaked shirt and lucas folds and places it on Auras forehead while Sizary puts the makeshift pillow under her head.
    "If all goes well, she'll be strong enough to walk with us to the next town tomorrow morning. Do NOT let her get up until then. I can tell she's the type who will pretend to be perfectly fine even if she clearly is not. Lastly, i need one of you to find a way to boil some water so she can have clean drinking water. we'll take turns monitoring her condition."
  9. Kaleohano
    Flips the shirt over to put the cool side on her.
    *You may not recognize me, but i remember you now. Don't worry, I'm back again, just like i promised...*
  10. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    aura(looks at lucas and eyes look greenish)"thankyou guys i never know what ill do without you. Dante i would love to talk to you later...L.lucas thanks..youre a real help(looks at lucas with loving eyes)i should be about well in a couple dont stop me from resting ...i could find us something to eat!! (looks at Hinge and is a little angry)

    *hes not jealous geez why is he thinking about lucas like that* Hinge stop it you know what i mean! sort of important right now!"
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