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what would you do?

  1. animangachik315
    if you had the chance to get a death note, what would you do with it, if you'd even pick it up?
  2. 박숴밍
    I'd write all the names of the people who committed crimes!XD
  3. Kona Chan
    Kona Chan
    If I find a death note, I'll take the eyes and then use it (and photos on facebook)to kill a lot of people of a country (randomly choosed) by disease. It will look like a epidemic. Then I'll extend the process to the neihbourhood... Finally they will understand that someone punish people who are using facebook and I'll be the god of a world where people speak to each other^^
  4. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
    I'd do it like Light, kill all the criminals
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