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Most Favourite/Funniest Clannad Scene

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  1. Kurokane
    For me, it has to be the scene where Akio-san gets hit by the stray baseball bat in Clannad After Story - Episode 1. I like the brief pause before he realises what's happened, and then the look of extreme agony on his face.
  2. Hanamaru Kunikida
    Hanamaru Kunikida
    Mine would be the "I'm sorry, Ushio scene" following with the "BAKAYARO!!!!" one.
  3. SigmaSD
    I like the Kamehame-dokkan.

    Oh and the scene where Fu-chan finally talks to her sis.

    And then the scene right afterward where everyone already forgot, but they remember a girl who roams the school who hands out wooden stars. And even though everyone forgot about her, they still remember that what she handed out were starfish. (which if you go back, Fu-chan had said before that once everyone got one, she would mention over the P.A. that what she handed out were starfish).
  4. Kurokane
    Another funny scene I like from Clannad After Story: I forget the episode but anyway, it's when Tomoya and Mei are shopping and Tomoya realises that pretending to be Mei's "Onee-chan" was not such a good idea. Unfortunately Kyou, Kotomi and Ryou turn up, only to overhear Mei saying "Onee-chan. What should Mei do?" and get the wrong idea. I especially liked the bit where Ryou drops her ice cream in shock...

    I also like the scene where Mei offers Tomoya a bite of her Princess Crepe (which he paid for anyway...) and then gets stroppy because he took the strawberry of all the toppings.
  5. Nanuq
    Love the whole Tomoyo OVA <3
    But as for my favorite scene I like the part where Ushio asked if it's okay for her to cry in her daddy's arms ;w;
  6. TomoyoSakagami

  7. .:neuko:.
    Mine's the same as Kurokane, just above Nanuq.
  8. Megami-chan
    There are so many favorites!
    Those where there is Fuko-chan, stupid @ @.
    When there are Akyo-san and his wife Sanae-san, when they fight for bread, and many other things they do!
    Even the birth of Ushio-chan, along with Tomoya and Nagisa!
    The friendly Yohei in his comic scenes together with Tomoya and Tomoyo!
    Each small part of the soul is often important!
  9. catie
    i love the scene in which tomoya fools youhei into thinking he is in the future
  10. ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    ╬Karami Mew~Meow
    Oh my goodness, too much favorite funny scenes >.<
    From what I remember, it would be the scenes with Nagisa's parents, and when Fuko daydreams, and Tomoya messes with her xD
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