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Your Favorite Clannad Girl?

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  1. Kaitou+
    Mine, personally is Tomoyo.
  2. FlowerMaiden
    Mine is a tie between Nasiga and Fuko-chan.
  3. Uta-chan~
    I like Fuko-Chan because she is so adorable! STARFISH XD
    And I also like Kotomi because she plays the violin even if she's not that good haha ^_^"
  4. Kurokane
    Very tough to decide (as they all have attractive personalities). For me, it's got to be Fuko Ibuki, though Kotomi Ichinose comes a very close second...
  5. SigmaSD
    Do I even have to answer this question for you to know the answer?

    My second fave is Kotomi Ichinose, even though she is very very close to being first with Fuko. Tomoya should've stayed with her instead of Nagisa, but I can't complain. Though they should do a "Kotomi Arc".
  6. Nanuq
    I love Tomoyo. I preferred Tomoya with her x3 Though I also love Kyou too! And then third is Kotomi, def should've made an Arc with her!
  7. TomoyoSakagami
    I wonder who I like..hmm....I can't really decide <:
  8. .:neuko:.
    I have a favourite for each day of the week. Today is Kotomi day! =3
  9. Megami-chan
    Fuko-chan Fuko-chan Fuko-chan, ontou ni Kawaiiii!!!!
    is the most tender and funny!
  10. catie
    i like tomoyo!!!!! she is soooo strong
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