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Your favorite pony?

  1. Vintniv
    Who is it and why?
  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Fluttershy because she reminds me of myself.
  3. BluGru Mitsuo (Tori)
    BluGru Mitsuo (Tori)
    Derby and Dj Pon! because they are awesome!
  4. Ravin
    RainbowDash, she's like my twin sister
  5. DOOM!
    Spike T. Dragonwitz
    He's a purple stoner/midget and is playing it cool in every episode. Hell, he's likely to become Ponyvilles pimp; he rode Twilight, AJ, Rarity, even Princess Cadence!
  6. Chi The Sweet
    Chi The Sweet
    it seems im in a tye with fluttershy and applejack
  7. Darkandiel

  8. Tycke
    Fluttershy. I also really like Cadence, Luna, and Rarity.

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