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How long have you been playing?

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  1. Tetsanosuke
    As the title asks.

    I've been playing for near two and a half years if I remember right. I've been a DM once before, and I've been through 5 Campaigns, and I am currently on the sixth (run by our friend, a newb to DMing for lack of other words- but hey, you gotta start somewhere).

    I'm currently preparing for my next campaign. =o
  2. Shini
    I've never played. But I always wanted to learn. The idea of a Naruto based D & D gets the senses tingling...
  3. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    i've yet to play the game and really i'm not even sure on how to play. I only have a vague idea on how D&D works.
  4. GameGeeks
    I've been playing for twelve years. I first started back when I was ten. My first char, a wizard, died because he cut a tree down on himself, with a dagger. Don't ask the number of campaigns I've been in. I've also been roleplaying in Neverwinter Nights for the last six/seven years. I've never DMed but that's by choice. I prefer to be a player.
  5. Tetsanosuke
    Well, considering this new-fangled group thing that basically gives us our own little forums, I could start a small DnD game on here. If people who are new are patient enough to learn, I could teach the game. Just as much, if we could get some of the slightly more experienced DnD players existin' around AF, we might be able to come up with a system to play.

    Also as a note, ShadowWalker runs weekly games on the chatroom. Considering my regular DnD group will be holding session Sunday this week I'll be attending ShadowWalker's game this Saturday. If any one in the group so far who are new are interested they probably could watch the game, if not eventually join it. That would be up to ShadowWalker. (Top behavior is top gold!)

    In any case, I'd have to ask him if it would be okay to step into his territory, if I am to try it forum style, here in the group area.

    But I'm glad to see that there are quite a few people interested already. =D
  6. GameGeeks
    If you where going to run a game via the Internet I'd suggest using OpenRPG. It allows you to create maps and use figurines(tokens).
  7. Tetsanosuke
    Huh. Interesting. I'll take a look at it. And when/if I can figure it out, it might be a viable option.

    I was initially thinking for of a forum RP style where we'd use a program like jsDice or similar and just copy and paste the roll result. Obviously this would depend on the honor system.
  8. GameGeeks
    It's quite easy. A guy I follow just did some tutorials for it too.

    Should be on the first page still.

    If we went the jsDice route I'd probably just roll actual dice since I quite enjoy that act.
  9. Sr Machinehead
    Sr Machinehead
    if we do eventually get something running i'll definitely join. I'm a quick learner at these kinds of things so I should be able to learn the system quickly.
  10. Tetsanosuke
    Watched the video, GG. Maybe if I ever get another open night, we could do that realm time. But as it stands, it might be better to go by forum posting, at least for me and my situation. I have LARP on Fridays and my current campaign I'm in with my friends here offline. There's also ShadowWalker's game on the chatroom to boot every Saturday. If I manage to score a job, there goes more of my time. But it's a viable option in that, if things are for sure, we can utilize it. Knowing my luck, I might have trouble shooting ot do for it.

    As for everyone else, if you want to start reading up on the game's basics I'll be posting a discussion with links to .pdfs for download.
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