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Anime Talk

  1. Neji-Hyuuga5
    Here you can talk about any or all the anime you want.
  2. cutiepiefrost1
    What anime is good to watch cause i watched a few already and I need to see wat other anime is out there :P
  3. sephygirl1789
    durarara is good and so is kekkaishi and some older ones like inuyasha
  4. SaphireTategami48
    OH!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 kekkaishi and inuyasha!!!!!!!!!!! i recommend them!!!!!!!!!!
  5. SaphireTategami48
    Also, Fruits Basket!!!! Wonderful story, with romance and humor. i cracked up on the first ep.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's AWESOME!!!!!!
  6. Neji-Hyuuga5
    kekkaish, Fruits Basket,inuyasha, bleach and naruto are all good i also like trigun it was the blast it's a cute ep. Vash is my favitoe in trigun!
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