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Favorite Hetalia Character

  1. SuXrys
    Well mine is *cough cough* Arthur Kirkland / England. Im not from England or anything like that, I just love how he is full of sarcasm and how he fights with France all the time! ^_^ Also, it's fun how he is a typical british person: just drinking tea and loving unicorns and all that. And those eyebrows! xD

    I just love him, he is an awesome character.

    Also, if you guys have been reading the manga: I can also say that I just adore that he is so perverted! xD

  2. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Mine is Romano.He's just*faints*
    I want to bailar con el y Hablare con el todo los dias~

    Ay SuXrys...she always oes for the old ones xD
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