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misamisa or takada

  1. animangachik315
    misamisa or takada who do you like more?and why?
  2. sephygirl1789
    i would have to say takada cause she isn't as annoying as misa amane and she is a lot cooler

    and bye the way i love the gaia avies do you have a gaia account?
  3. animangachik315
    no i found those on google images but i wish... but misas soooo cute
  4. sephygirl1789
    well yeah she is but just too gosh darn annoying and check out the gaiaonline website if you want there are a lot of anime fans there and guilds and games to check out my gaia name is SephysFangirl if you join
  5. animangachik315
    i know but im sure that its blocked at school and i dont have a computer at home...
  6. sephygirl1789
    oh ok i understand
  7. 박숴밍
    Takada.... Misa is too annoying.... :P
  8. Will Phuah
    Will Phuah
    Takada, definitely!
  9. Happyblossom
    I hate both of them but if I had to choose either then Misa
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