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L or Kira. Whose side are you on?

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  1. animangachik315
    L OR Kira? Whose side are You on and why?
  2. animangachik315
    honestly it team L all the way!!!!
  3. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    i'm with you,mostly because L reminds me of Ulquiorra.
    Why did they both have to die!?
    *stupid ichigo and light*
  4. sephygirl1789
    well i guess i will be the first odd ball cause im with kira i want the same type of world as light yagami where there is no evil and i hated it when light died and no more kira but at least the world got changed at the least
  5. animangachik315
    oh sizary-momo thats not nice but its true...and sephygirl1789 a world like that would be pretty good... but didnt the world just go back t o being the same way after light died because they werent afradi of being killed by kira any more?
  6. sephygirl1789
    i dont think so it never went further after light yagami died the episodes ended right there but the name of the final episode is New World maybe or maybe not i dont know but i think crime ended in my opinion but no one will ever know cause the last part of New World was light's death and ended there
  7. animangachik315
    oooohhhh.... thank you sephygirl!xp
  8. cutiepiefrost1
    Team L
  9. Austin Masaki
    Austin Masaki
    I like L although I did love Kira's beliefs :3
  10. animangachik315
    yes while crazy kiras beliefs are prettty loveable and YEAH!!!!!!!!!GO TEAM L!!!!!!!!!!
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