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Your favorite Zelda title

  1. Austin Masaki
    Austin Masaki
    What is your favorite Zelda game?
  2. sweetdaddydee1
    idk i love them all to pick just one.
  3. Austin Masaki
    Austin Masaki
    Good point, but I always pick Majoras Mask such a twisted plot :3
  4. RohanDarkling
    I have to go with Majora's Mask too. I still sometimes have that moon appear in my dreams...
  5. Austin Masaki
    Austin Masaki
    more like nightmares :'0 I always get a lil scared after playing that sick beautiful game
  6. S o l o
    S o l o
    Majora's Mask, hands down. I love that game.
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    Link's Awakening.(yep taking it old school style! :3)
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